of Pike County, Missouri


Reid Todd Ransom Benson Cross (Crofs) Howden Rose Bray Pew

I have written every thing as seen in the original text spelling mistakes and all.


Linda Reid 13th of July 1853
Joesph Benson Reid 7 of July 1855
Leotti Reid 29 of September 1857
William Stewart Reid 27 of September 1859
Mary Teneritia (Reid? is assumed but not written here).
Born Sept 5th 1862
Lizie Lee Reid August 1st 1864
Cora Adalaid (Reid? is assumed but not written here).
Born Sept 16th 1866
Florance Jenet (Reid? is assumed but not written here).
Born Feb 14th 1869



William J. Howden born Aug (lined through) 1875

Care W. Howden born Sept 1876

Rolland V. Todd born (?blank)
(My other records, Birth date is 22 Feb 1878 and his name spelled Rowland, Roland)

Lillian Todd born (?blank)

Cora Benson Todd (?blank)

Benson (? Nothing written after Benson)

Gena Genson Reid born Dec 20th 1882 (or could be 25th second letter smugged.)

Hilda Morrison Reid born Feb 10th 1884

Geo. P. Reid Born & Died June 16th 1888

Zelda Rose born (?blank)

Janet Jane Rose (Jane or June spelling not clear as to the second letter) born (?blank)

Harry Rose (Nothing printed after name entry)

Mary Adelaide Bray (Scott- printed slightly above and to the right of Adelaide, I assume husbands first name. Whose child she is is unknown.) She died---Feb 1 1907


George David Reid and Elizabeth Ann Benson on October twentieth 1852

William J. Howden and Linda Reid on Nov 5th 1874

Fremont Todd and Lottie Reid (Correct spelling) on Feb 24th 1876

William Stewart Reid and Carrie C. Pew on March 26th 1882
John H. Rose and Lizzie Lee Reid on May 12th 1886


Joseph Y. Reid died December 31th 1861
Mary Teneretia died August 17th 1863 (last name not written no assumptions taken)
Linda Reid Howden died Nov 16th 1881
Lottie Reid Todd died Nov 16th 1887
George David Reid age 72 yrs 7mos & 2 days died May 22 1900
William Benson died April 2nd 1900 age 63 yrs 6mos & 6 days
Joseph Benson Reid died Dec. 20th 1906


George David Reid Born Oct. 20th 1827
Elizibeth Ann Benson January 28th 1831

William Benson Augus 20th 1799
Elizibeth Ann Crofs July 15th 1796
(my assumpton is that these two are the parents of the following list sibblings)

Joseph Benson January 20th 1819
Henry Benson July 8th 1821
John Benson December 19th 1823
George Benson May 16th 1826
Barbara Benson September 19th 1828
Mary Jane Benson March 16th 1834
William Benson September 26th 1836

(above is as written)

William Benson Sr. March 1837 aged 37yrs
Elizabet Ann Benson Sr. September 8th 1847 aged 51yrs
George Benson May --1837
Mary Jane Benson aged 8 months
Joseph Benson aged 42 Sept 18th 1860
John Benson aged 45 July 8th 1866

Hazel Gordon Rose Born March 23rd 1887
George Calhoun Rose born Jawy (spelling not very good
could be January, June or July) 23rd 1890
Hazel Gordon Rose died March 30th 1887
Barbara Benson died Aug (blank space) 1890


Source: Lorraine Llewellyn
36500 Hwy. 32
Falcon, Mo. 65470

This Family Bible has been handed down from female member to
female member as women were the ones that kept the family records.
It was given to me in 1969 by my grandmother Frances Leota Todd
daughter of Rolland V. Todd and Jennie Lou Ransom of Lousianna
Pike County Missouri. The front pages of this Bible are in very poor
condition but the date it was published 1819 New York, with
Sterotype Art was quite readable. The remaing portion of this Bible
is in very good condition considering it's age, and amazing 17 years
short of two hundred years.

I am pleased to share the information and if you wish a photo copy
made for your records send self addressed envelope and 25 cents per page
to the above address. This is 5 pages text and 1 page "Sterotype Art" of Jesus,
Title: "The Redeemer."

Good Hunting