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Winter 2015

Library News


The Society has been very busy this fall with all the festivals going on in the area. Thanks to the festival committee chairperson and her efforts. We got our name out there and what we are all about. Greeting the people and talking genealogy is always a great time.

We have new books from Alice Niles done. Ashley Fairview Cemetery, Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Curryville Cemetery, Ashburn Family Cemetery, Ashburn City Cemetery, Fairview Cemetery, Noix Creek Cemetery, Emmet, Wheeler, Lamberson Cemetery, and Oak Grove Cemetery . She is finishing up others just keep watching for more to come. We are slowly finishing up the photo part of our 6 year cemetery project. Have done some cemeteries this fall and will do some in early spring.

Our Donations: $250.00 from the Eastern Missouri Cowboy Church, 1928 Senior Class picture of Bowling Green High School, 1913 to 1922•ledger, 2 old specs, a nail from the old Ogle log cabin, Spencersburg pic, Ogle surname sheets, Kirtley family history, Beaver family pic, an old military button tin, School photos, and a Pike College photo all from Alice & Dave Hoehnen. 3 ring binders from Harriet Worrell, some cemetery deeds from the recorder's office.

The museum has been...




At the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Kurz near McCune Station, Wed. Nov. 6th, 1901 at 7 p.m., Mr. J. Warren Wright and Miss Bettie Rurz were united...




June 2, 1898

Louisiana Press Journal

Homer Baker run over by a train. He attempted to jump off and fell under the wheels his legs crushed to a shapeless mass. Homer Baker, the son of Wm. Baker, of Mt. Zion, this county, was killed at Bowling Green Monday night by a C. &A. freight train.

He had spent the day in Louisiana and returned to Bowling Green on a freight train, riding between two cars on the bumpers. The train ...



Trial of Capt. Headricks

LPJ 12-9-1871

The Trial of Capt. Jno. Hendricks, on the charge of killing Mr. W.H. McAlister, an account of which was published in our last issue, was concluded last Sat. The trial was before Esquire W. B. Cox and W. H. Campbell, the latter sitting as an advising Justice. The state was represented by E. Robinson, J. W. Buchanan, A.J. Smith, Esqs., and Col. N.P. Minor, and the defense by Messrs. Caldwell and Biggs, and Col. D.P. Dyer. A large number of ...



Born After Mother's Burial

LPJ 10-21-1902

Rushville, Ill. Times: Ebenezer Erskine, one of the founders of the United Presbyterian Church of Scotland, was born after the burial of his mother. Mrs. Erskine was buried while in a trance and on one of her fingers was a valuable ring. The gravedigger knew of this, opened the coffin and was in the act of cutting off the ring bearing finger when Mrs. Erskine awoke with a cry. She arose, walked home and went upstairs without ...


Babe Found

Troy Herald ...LPJ 10-21-1871

Last Saturday morning our town was thrown into considerable commotion over the report that a white babe had been found near Lewis Porters in the suburbs. Some of the town trustees sent for it and he was taken to Dr. East's drug store. It had clothes and had been placed in an old pair of pants and then wrapped in a quilt. A few were in favor of adopting the child, and it being a girl the name ...


Names in the News



Mason Benn

Gregor Schwend

James A. Unsell

Bob Unsell

Tom Sarver

Steve Horn

Jonnie Horn

Joe Arthur

William Arthur

Mrs. Mary F. Unsell

Miss Ruth Benn

Hiram Benn

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Caverley

Miss Julia Gordon

Miss Minnie Waddell

R.W. Unsell

Mr. and Mrs. Bunk Porter

Frank Schwend



(By Mrs. Esther Craig)

Jan. 25, 1973

Mrs. Fred Steif and Eric

Mrs. Catherine Whipple

Oren Ince

Mrs. John Stewart

Mr. and Mrs. Loren Lamberson

Mr. and Mrs. Marion Lamberson

Mrs. Randall Meyers and Cheryl

Mrs. Willis Weatherby 

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lamberson

Mrs. Catherine Whipple

Mrs. Norman Hall

Mrs. Myrtle Hallows

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jones

Mrs. Marion Lamberson, Rusty, Ceil and Susan

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Ehret 

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lamberson


Annada News

LPJ 6-25-1940

Ollie Holcumbrink and Nancy

Paul Traynor

Bobby Crank

Ernest Holcumbrink

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Carpenter and Mary Jean

Ilean Kidd

Mr. & Mrs Ernest Steele

Mr. & Mrs. Dick Steele


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Continued from the last Echo about the ASHLEY BATTLE


Davis Whitesides of Lincoln Co. was wounded in the abdomen and died. He was orderly Sergeant of Beck's company and had the muster roll in his possession. He was about 25 years old. Well educated and until the madness that unhappily rules the hour seized upon him was looked upon by all who knew him as a young man of most excellent reputation. David Blue a private, of Ralls Co. was found by our men at the house of Ambrose Lovelace, 8 miles southwest of Ashley, wounded in the abdomen and has since died.

Clint Burbridge was in the gang and it is said may be known hereafter by his having had the top of his right ear clipped by a ball. Snyder was also wounded in the ear and thigh. Besides those named it is known the rebels had several of their men badly wounded. In the woods back of Asey, the writer of this saw three large pools of blood, and tracked them nearly half a mile by clots of blood plainly visible on the ground. It is reported that some 7 or 8 of their men are already known to be dead.

Besides the damage done their persons the rebels lost a fine horse eight guns two or three fine revolvers Becks's bowie knife, several powder flasks, tin cup, and as the auctioneers say other articles too tedious to mention. Take it all in all the affair turned out...

LPJ 1862



Fall 2015

Research and Queries

More details may be found in the newsletter, including contact information for those researching these surnames

Stewart, Hitt, Thompson, Barley, Caton, Lovell, Foutes, Maiden, Willard, Scoggins, Willard, Love, Lovell, Roberts, Sidwell, McIlroy, Swain, Harding, Riley, Dempsey, Russell, Thomas, Hornady, King, Canter, Isaac, Hemp





"I would be ashamed to tell mother," was a little boy's reply to his comrades who were trying to tempt him to do wrong.

"But you need not tell her, no one will know anything about it."

"I would know all about it myself, and I'd feel mighty mean if I couldn't tell mother."

"It's a pity you wasn't a girl. The idea of a boy running and telling his mother every little thing!"

"You may laugh if you want to," said the noble boy, but I've made up my mind never, as long as I live, to do anything I would be ashamed to tell my mother."

Noble resolve, and which will make almost any life true and useful. Let it be the rule of every boy and girl to do nothing of which they would be ashamed to tell their mother. ---------Presbyterian Written in 1881




LPJ 3-29-1928

Clark is Hanged at Kahoka

Kahoka, Mo. Nov.25 ..Frank Clark, alias "Yellow" Clark, Half Mexican, half Indian, who assaulted Miss Ollie Hess near Kahoka on July 25, paid the penalty of the crime with his life this afternoon in the presence of 1,500 persons. 

Fifteen min. before the hour set for the execution the crowd commenced tearing boards off the stockade within which the scaffold had been erected, and when at 2:02, Sheriff Clark and two priests appeared on the scaffold, a half dozen boards and the framework were all that remained. The Reverend Mr. Muckerman made a five min. speech to the crowd and then Clark stepped forward and spoke ...

LPJ 1911




An Ola Slave Marriage

An instance almost as strange as fiction itself occurred in the marriage license department at the recorder's office.

It appears that about 15 yrs. previous to the late civil war a colored man, who now gives the name of Anthony Edwards, and who was then married after the custom of those times, resided with his master in Pike Co. Mo. From some cause, not known to Edwards, his master sold him lo a southern planter, but retained possession of his wife and one child the only result of the marriage. After reaching the south, Edwards lost all trace of his wife and his former master and child. After the war here married as did also his wife. His second wife dying, he ...

Globe Democrat. Nov. 22, 1899




Baby Given to Grandparents

Mrs. C.A. Smith, wife of the town marshal of Laddonia, this week took the infant son of Preston Hoagland and wife, left ...

LPJ 9-15-1 911


Names in the News




FEB. 15, 1973

Carlla Luean Henderson

Mrs. W.J. Henderson

Danny Feldman

Mr. and Mrs. Phil Tinsley

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Korte

Mrs. Dale Noel

Mrs. Ora Hassien

Mrs. Linda McClellan

Mrs. Ella Montano

Mrs. Janice Luebrecht

Mrs. Grace Morris

Mrs. Yvonne Branstetter

Mrs. Helen Fisher

Mrs. Arvella Noel

Mrs. Orvella Noel

Mr. and Mrs. Gov Noel

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Noel, Dennis and Arlinda

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hanson

Mrs. Charlotte McCoy

Mark Hallows

Rev. Coffman

Mr. and Mrs. Byron Pritchett

Mrs. Earl Pritchett

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Noel, Dennis and Arlinda

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Tucker and Dorris

Mrs. M.M. Colbert

M.M. (Callie) Colbert

Mr. and Mrs. Byron Pritchett

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stone

Mrs. Duard Eastin

Brenda Branstetter

Duard Eastin

Mrs. W.J. Henderson

Carlla Luean Henderson

Mrs. Green Walker

Mrs. Henry Raufer

Glen Gregory

Mr. and Mrs. O.A. Staton

Mrs. Joe Branstetter and Joe

Mrs. Wyatt Nolan

Mrs. W.J. Henderson

Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie J. Henderson and Carlla Luean

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Staton, Julia and Jeffrey

Mr. and Mrs. O.A. Staton, Lydia and Peggy

Mrs. Glen Hobbs 

Glen Hobbs

Mrs. Don Chamberlain

Fred Dixon, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Cobb, Kent, Mike and Crystal

Mr. and Mrs. George Bailey




MAY 3, 1973

Melissa Skillman

Mark Fisher

Randy Clithero

Steve Smith 

John Moore

Bobbie Jo Bontz

Denton Skillman

Carl Smith

Marion Branstetter

Jane Clifton

David Fisher

Susie Moore

Robert Gilbert

Karen Taynor

Penny Moore

Karen Fisher

Arlinda Noel

Dennis Noel

Ronnie. Smith

Margie Bortz

Tracy Brown

Teresa Brown

Carla Harris

Mary Lee Harris

Stephanie Carver

Carol Ann Branstetter

Robyn Clithero

Peggy Staton

Fay Gilbert

Marion Branstetter

Mrs. Edwin Brown

Mrs. Dale Noel

Mrs. Gene Traynor, Debbie, Eddie, Pam, and Cindy

Mrs. Cunningham

Mrs. Sonny Clithero and Rita

Mrs. Don Carver

Edwin Brown, Troy and Timmy

Mrs. Calvin Bont

Mrs. Byron Smith

Mrs. Wilford Gilbert

Mrs. Tom Skillman

Mrs. Vernon Cliffton

Mrs. Joe Branstetter

Erwin Moore

Mellissa Skillman

Jane Clifton


Susie Moore

Penny Moore

Jackie Stewart

Kim Stewart

Marion Branstetter

Jane Clifton

Diane Hollows

Arlinda Noel

Peggy Staton

Bonnie Branstetter

Sharon Farris

Mrs. Joe Brandstetter

Rev. James Coffman

John Lukhart

Will Allan

Diane Miller

Glenda Tucker

Donna Higgins

Larry Ross

Jerry Briscoe


Annada News

Mr. Jesse Barrett

Mr. & Mrs. Will Taylor

Albert Quinn

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Paulsgrove

Mr.& Mrs. Earnest Holcumbrink


The Back Page



The last sentence of Capt. Purse's reply will be understood when it is stated that, while Mr. Elmore was standing on the platform at the door on the outside of his own store, and awaiting an answer he was fired on by the guerrillas and wounded severely though not dangerously, immediately below the shoulder blade, the ball passing out under his right arm.

After the return of Mr. Elmore a few shots were fired by both parties, some by one or two citizens who had got out just in time to take a hand in the affair. Mr. E. states that he exhorted the person who seemed to be in command to withdraw his men as he was only exposing the lives of the citizens and of his own men and could accomplish nothing. The order to retreat was given but from another motive doubtless than Mr. Elmore's exhortation. The rebels were badly whipped.

Now for the result. On our part we regret that George Trower was shot and instantly killed by a squad of rebels who came up to him on the east side of Ashley, near the...

LPJ 1862



Summer 2015

Library News

Donations to the Library and Museum:
New clock, many misc. office supplies, Sanderson's clothing brush, pad locks for the glass wooden display cases, Pike Co. postcards and photo album, New flag for our flag pole, chairs, Speakers 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, class of 1975 and 1969 pictures, and decorated flower boxes, Flowers for the flower pots outside, and many floral arrangements for the library's decor. We want to thank everyone who donates to our Society and Museum. We are blessed to have so many who want to help out.

After this newsletter all members in good standing will be receiving a copy of the by­ laws. As we grow new duties-or rules come up within the society,- so we have made changes. We ask that you review it and if you have any suggestions or questions please contact us.

We hope you have a great summer. Come by ...


Names in the News



(By Mrs. Lizzie Carr)

March 22, 1973

Mr. and Mrs. Emery Slater
Mrs. Carol Tolbert
Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell Slater
Orval Slater
Harry Nolen, Sr.
Miss Wanda Herren
Mr. and Mrs.. Frank Lawrence
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Horton
Mr. and Mrs. Ogle Wilfred
Mrs. Susie Herren
Mr. and Mrs. Willis•Weatherby and David
Mr. And Mrs. Virgil Beer
Mrs. Shirley Glover
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Beer
Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Pueterbaugh
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Beer
Mrs. Melvin Pine
Mrs. Lillie Bowen
Orval Slater
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wood
Mr. And Mrs. Pete Heady
Mr. And Mrs. George Copher
Orval Slater
Mrs. Bill Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Martin, Sherry and Billie Bob



(By Mrs. Marie Hamilton)

March 22, 1973

Karen Wyble

Paula Robinson

Connie Teague

Mrs. Bill Wyble.

Patty Wyble

Penny Adams

Cheryl Barnes

Sallie Hollocher

Robin Finley

Cosandra Watson

Debbie Brown

Melinda Brown

Linda Govero

Mrs. Mike Bishop

Mrs. Philip Browir

Susan Johnson

Roberta Finley

Janice Teague

Kris McCluskey

Elizabeth Govero

Lisa Colbert

Mrs. Marion Johnson

Mrs. Joe Teague

Karen Spencer

Nina Hill

Cyndi Brown

Mr. and Mrs. William Wyble, Patty and Karen

Mr. and Mrs. James Beckham and Valerie

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Robinson and Paula

Mr. and Mrs.  Kenneth Hollocher and Sally

Mrs. Fred Jackman and Juanita

Mrs. Alvin Hensy, Beth and David

Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Barnes and   Cheryl

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Teague, Janice, Connie and Brenda

Mr. and Mrs. Benny Reid, Kelly 'and Jeffery

Mr. and Mrs. Ray McCluskey, Kris and Cindy,

Mr. and Mrs. Marion· Johnson, David, Susan and Sam

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Brown, Melinda, Debbie and Rita

Mrs. Robert Finley, Jr., Roberta and Robin,

Mrs. Mike Bishop

Penny· Adams

Elizabeth Govero

Linda Govero

Philip Govero

Kathy Sitton

Mary Lou Sitton

Lynn Sitton

Lisa Colbert

Quentin Colbert

Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Hall and Robbie

Leo Hardy

Mrs. Raymond Blake

Mr. and Mrs. Obed Hall

Mrs. Emil Akers

Mrs. Sarah Ogdan

Mrs. A.E. Magruder

Rev. and Mrs. Gaither Bailey

C.M. Brown

Miss Karen Spencer

Miss Nina Hill

Miss Cyndi Brown



(By Mrs. Dale Noah)

February 15, 1973

Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Moore and Scott

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Branstetter, Erwin Moore, Susie Marie, Jonnie, and Penny

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Orville Willis

Cindy Spencer

Janet. Spencer

Charles. Moore

Mrs. Lonnie Flanagan



(By Mrs. Esther Craig)

January 4, 1973

Mr. and Mrs. Hurley Walker

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Jolley, Garrett, Steven, and Shannon

Mrs.  Catherine Whipple

Mr. and Mrs. John Thomas, Tyler and Shane

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Stewart, Floyd, Jr. and Terri Lynn

Mr. and Mrs. John Stewart.

Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert Wood

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ehret

Mrs. Elizabeth Steidler

Dee Irwin of Hannibal

Mrs. Charles West

Margaret Jean Stewart

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Stewart

Mrs. John Thomas

Floyd Stewart

Mr. and Mrs. Otis Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Thurman

Mrs. Lula Weber

Lelia Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Stephens

Mr. and Mrs. James Pickens

Mr. and Mrs. I.oren·Lamberson

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lamberson

Mr. and Mrs. Marion Lamberson

Mr. and. Mrs. Charles W. Anderson, Jr. and Sherri

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Anderson

Mrs. Catherine Whipple

Mrs. Nancy Pendzinski, Fred and Peggy

Mr. and Mrs. Charles West

George Whitten

Ed Bross

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Rubemeyer, Michael Ray, Vince and Bradley

Mrs. Catherine Whipple

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stanfield

Mr. ·and Mrs. Wilbert Wood

Mr. and Mrs. G. Lewus·Stephens

Mrs. D.L. Turnbough

Mrs. Esther Craig

Mrs. Lola Belle Sinclair, Diane and Gerald

Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert Wood

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Radford

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Anderson

Ronnie Radford

Danny Radford

Thad Radford

Shad Radford

Mr. and Mrs. G. Lewis Stephens

William Claussen

Grace Claussen

Mrs. Esther Craig

Mr. and· 'Mrs. John Stephens

Mrs. John Stewart

Mrs. Lelia Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Stephens

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Thurman

Michael Ray Rubemeyer

Bradley Rubemeyer

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Rubemeyer

Mrs. Catherine Whipple

Mrs. Marion Lamberson, Sue, Ceil, ·Rusty and Don

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lamberson

Mr. and Mrs. Truman Lamberson, Truman, Jr., Conn, Shawn and Tessi

Mr. and Mrs. Pat Kelling

Mr. and Mr. Loren Lambers.on

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne· Ehret

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Honerkamp and Jeff

Russell Buchanan

Mrs. Hazel Swarnes

Rhonda Long

Nina Long

Leslie Long

Mrs. Randall Meyers, Kim, Cheryl, and Randy Meyers

Jerri McBee

Mr. and Mrs. Marlon Lamberson



(By Mrs. Ester. Craig)

January 25, 1973

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Stewart, Floyd Jr. and Taralynn Mr. and Mrs. John Stewart  




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Walter W. Sinclair

James Estes

Mrs. S. A. Edwards

Mrs. William Tinsley 

Mrs. Washington Watts

William Browning

Mrs. Thomas Sheperd

Mrs. Montjoy Scholl

Mollie McDannold

Mrs. Susan Mackey 

William Kingston


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Capt. Richard S. Smith 
F.J.C. Todd

Mrs. Sarah Todd

Mrs. J.R. Buchanen 

Thomas Lewis

William Norton Jr.

Mrs. Mathew Givens 

Mrs. J. A. Mackey

Henry Crow

Mrs. W. H. Jones

Josiah Henry

Mrs. W. M. Simpson

Mrs. W.N. Tinsley 

W. M. Simpson

Mrs. Samuel Thomas

Thomas Norvell

Angus Oliver

W. B. Watson

William Hogue

Jno R. Clifford

William H. Grooms

Samuel W. Bucks 

William Elgin





It was a day I shall never forget. I was stationed at the Sacramento Army Air Base in California. It was a Sunday morning, and another physician and I from St. Louis had drove up to Lake Tahoe. On the way there, we heard the fact that Pearl Harbor had been bombed. We came back to the air base and everything was pandemonium. They were issuing small arms to everybody. We thought there was going to be an imminent invasion. It was just a catastrophic event.

We were stationed in the desert. They had two heaters, two big boilers for heat, and no air conditioning. We slept without any covers, without any clothes. Later on, I was stationed for a while in Yuma. In those days they had a wire frame that they filled with excelsior and dripped water around that to make it so it would evaporate. Then they put a fan that drew air through there into the room and it was quite cool. They'd take watermelons and put a gunnysack over the watermelons and let it drip and cool it down.

We would go to the army base infirmary to see anybody that was sick. I did some surgery there, which was not in my field. There was no one else, so I did it. Not as well, perhaps, as it might have been, but I didn't lose any patients. We would be on call sometimes at night. We would make rounds, and would go over to the officers club.

Sometimes we'd have dancing, and we would dance with the nurses and anybody else we could find. We would play poker from time to time.
We did general medicine. We were not specialists at the time. Later on, I was sent …



BGHS – Generation to Generation Book

Interviews done by BGHS students


Days Gone By


Annada News

LPJ 3-29-1928

Mrs. Ada Davis

Mr. & Mrs. J.P. Watts

Mrs. Lizzie Brennan

Lee Brown

Mrs. Curtis Jefferies & Etta May

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Reed.

Thomas Campbell

Mrs. Mollie Holt

Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Norton

Jim Norton



Woman Lynched

LPJ 5-27-1 911

Okema, Ok. May 26, 1911 Laura Nelson, a negro woman, and her son 16 year s old, were lynched here yesterday. They shot a deputy sheriff, who went to search their shanty for stolen goods.

The woman and her son were…



1850 Census of 

Buffalo Township Pike Co. Mo.

Moorman H. Eidson 40 yrs. born in Ky.

Providence 40 yrs. born in Ky.

Lucinda 19 yrs. born in Ky.

Cornelia 18 yrs. born in Ky.

Corvellia 16 yrs. born in Mo.

Gabriella 14 yrs. born in Mo.

Mary Ann 10 yrs. born in Mo.

James A. 8 yrs. born in Mo.

Dalzarine 7 yrs. born in Mo.

Maria Catherine 2 yrs. born in Mo.

Ada 5/12 mos. born in Mo.

I recently found this family's family cemetery and Providence. Ada, Moorman. Annie Bell Gillum, James their only son, are there.




Camilla Eidson--James C. Gillum 1-14-1857

Gabrella Eidson--John Wise 1-13-1853

Mary Ann Eidson--T. B. Limerick 12-23-1858 

Dalzarine Eidson--Robert McElroy 10-5-1865



Killed by a bull

LPJ 1884

Mr. Joel Griffith. living in Buffalo, while in his barn lot Friday, 29th was• killed by a vicious bull For some time previous he had been besought to part with the vicious animal but always refused, as he valued it too highly, and although warned that it would cause somebody's death did he retain him on the farm, still the old gentleman adhered to his determination. On Thursday he had a severe struggle with the brute and only through the persuasive influence of a pitchfork did he succeed in preventing him from doing him bodily injury. Friday afternoon in company with his grandson, the two repaired to the barn to attend to their work, where the latter left his grandfather, and did not see him until 6 hours later, when he found a mangled corpse …


Spring 2015

Library News

The Pike County Genealogical Society & Museum is a place where you can experience some of the history of Pike County Missouri. It's a place where you meet friendly staff who are just as excited to help you in your quest to find your family who lived here. The society offers a large collection of different categories, obituaries, funeral home records, death certificate indexes, old plat maps, cemetery listings and some cemetery pictures, marriages from 1818-1940., Real Estate taxes, Personal property taxes, school history, military items, family histories, surname files that house different items within. We have probate files on microfiche. Census records, and many more items.

Donations to the Library and Museum were: Numerous office supplies. A Sanderson's store clothing brush, Marie Haught; Flower decorations for the library: Pat Thomas; A very large display on the Champ Clark Bridge by Renee & Susan Veaux.

We will be starting up our cemetery project at the end of March, April, May. We hope to get close to finishing it up. Ashley township (2) left to do; Peno township (3) left to do unless we locate others; Cuivre township (1) left to do; Calumet township (2) left to do if we can locate them; We have people searching cemeteries in Salt River to\\111ship, then there's Hartford to\\111ship we have done half of them there is still a lot to go yet. We are going to try and make 2015 the end of filming cemeteries, so Alice Niles can have all the pies to make her books. The land owners have been a great help.

If there is a 


Names in the News



11- 29 - 1917

Mrs. Neva Wright

Mr. and Mrs. John Stephens

Mrs. K. S. Smith and Eula

Mrs. Mary Drummond

Mrs. Richard Tompkins

Mrs. James Slaughter

Mrs. Roy Cluck and Chester

Mrs. Leslie Wilburn

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gibbs.

Elder Downey

Mrs. Media Rieman

George Miller

Roe Gilbert

Dr. C.P. Lewellen

Francis Morrow



7 - 22 - 1920

Robert Miller

Judge W. H. Miller

Miss Louise Morrow

Mrs. Charles D. Meyer

Mrs. W. H. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. John Ploesser and John

Mr. and Mrs. Charles McAdams

Miss Anna Kieselman

Mrs. Kate Hebel

Claude Stout

Andrew Stout

Miss Mabel Gillet

Miss Bernice Fox

Wm. R. Dotson

Miss Ethel Washington

Mrs. Lillie Voss and Walter

Russell Tompkins

Miss Jessie Tompkins

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Whitten

Miss Ruby Maude Morrow

Miss Virginia Martin

Mrs. Claude Stout

Mrs. Sarah Stevens

Mrs. Maggie Jones

John Gentle

Mrs. Henry Stout

Mrs. W. S. Stephens

Mrs. Sarah Stephens.

Mrs. Loo Colvin

Bess Cook

Mr. and Mrs. Meyer

Mrs. George Pletch

John Erickson

Carl Erickson

Mr and Mrs. William Erickson

Mrs. Earl Dumbaugh

Mrs. Chas. Carnaga

Mr and Mrs. Jack Wilson




Mrs. John Gentle

Reginal Gentle

Wm. Dotson

Miss Louise Morrow

Mrs. Freda Kieselmann and Lois

Miss Louise Trumlor

Mrs. Kate Hebel.

Mrs. Mahala Gilbert

Mr. Theodore Sartori

Miss Elizabeth Wheeler 

David Wheeler

Mr and Mrs. Guy Summers

Mrs. Polly Barkes

Mr and Mrs. Hess, Wednesday

Mrs. L. E. Edwards

Mary Belle Gentle

Reginald Gentle.

Miss Mary Miller

Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. John Early

Miss Bessie Jackson

Miss Theresa Jacobs

Herbert Cooper

Miss Louise Morrow

Cloyd Weaver

Mrs. W. H. Miller

Mrs. Reuben St. John

Mrs. Ruby Morrow

Mrs. Elmer Douglas

Mrs John Glascock

Mr and Mrs. Jack Wilson

Mrs. Homer Wilson

Mrs. Claude Stout

Mrs. Sarah Stevens

Mr and Mrs. Edward Gibbs

Ed Eoff

Mrs. Maggie Webster

Mr and Mrs. Wilfred Ayres

Miss Rubey Maude Morrow

Mrs. Thomas Donaldson and Leon

Mrs. Bessie Ward

Mrs. Clyde Epperson

Mrs. Mary Wilson

Heber Adams

Mr and Mrs. Wm Crosby

Miss Mary Wilson



8 - 26 - 1920

Miss Ruby Maude Morrow

Miss Virginia Martin

Mrs Mary Wilson

Jay Wheeler

W. Wheeler.

Mr. Gray

Mr. Collins

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Crosby

John Stephens

Miss Louise Morrow

Miss Cora Cherry

Miss Norma Pletch.

Walter Voss

Mrs. Charles McAdams

Miss Freda Kieselman

Mrs. Kate Hebel

Miss Louise Morrow

Cloyd Weaver

Miss Ruby Morrow

James Holman

Mrs. Calvin Stephens

Wm. Miller

Mrs. Alvin Burke and Delbert

Mrs. W.S. Stephens and Esther

Dee Williamson


Days Gone By


The Crusade Commenced

A Notorious Dive Broken up and the inmates scattered.


Mrs. Nancy Tunis one of the most notorious prostitutes that ever plied her vile calling in this city and who has caused more trouble to the city authorities than all the others combined, got no allepathic dose of justice yesterday that will last her for some time. She was arraigned before justice Johns on the charge of keeping a bawdy house and the case was called at ten am. The information was filed by PA Emerson on his oath of office. The defendant through her attorney R.A. May filed a motion for a change of venue and it was taken to Justice Urban's court, where the court room was jammed with a curious throng.

There were some features connected with the case that were calculated to arouse a feeling of pity in the most callous breast. The woman has two children a boy of 8 and the little girl is 4 and these ...




A mob of Virginian s hung a negro and fired upon him and rode away. The bullets ...

Allen Butler a farmer 73 years old ...



First Wounded boys of Clarksville

Pvt Clem Colbert of the U.S. Army arrived Tuesday for a 21 day medical furloug h here with is parents Mr. and Mrs. Sam Colbert. Pvt. Colbert attached to the ordiance, has been serving in England for the past two years and went into Normandy with our allied troops. He was wounded on the beachhead when shot through the leg by a sniper. He was returned to England and then to the states by plane and has been a patient of the government hospital in Springfield Mo. Where he will return after his furlough is over.



Annada News

M.J. Smith

T.A. Ashbaugh

Jno Zumwalt

Mrs. H.H. Ashbaugh

Mr Frank Reid

Milton Kines 

Walter Kines

Guy Fisher

Mrs. Albert Mason 

Miss Mahla Fisher



Other News

Walter Edwards died at the age 

Aunt Jane Hazelwood age 112

LPJ 1907


The Back Page



R.T. Martin writes of his visit to Historic Noix Creek.

I arrived at Cyrene about 9:18pm Sept 7, 1910. I was met by Mr. William Jensen, who soon safely landed me in his hospitable home. I was very warmly received by his good wife, and it was  not hard for her to induce me to partake of some of the good things adapted to the sustenance of life. The day following was the occasion of the celebration of the 82nd birthday of Mrs. Rebecca F. Stewart. She has no sister living. All of her four living brothers were present. Their names and ages are as follows: Robert J. Martin 76; John S. Martin 72; Reuben T. Martin 67; Ezra H. Martin 63. Others present were: Mrs. Maggie E. Martin, Mrs. Nancy Martin. This was the first reunion held for many many years; and was one of the happiest occasions in the life of each. Here I Met Mr. Carl Kindred, teacher of their school at Prairie Mound. He is a most promising young man.

On Thursday afternoon J. S. Martin and wife, Mrs. Nancy Martin and myself accompanied Ezra H. Martin to the home of his daughter, Mrs. Ora Traynor, where we were kindly entertained by herself and her husband William Traynor. Mrs. Traynor played and sang the piano.

On Friday morning J. S. Martin and wife took me to their home. Here I was royally entertained. Later we went to see Pleasant Goodman, his wife and son, Andrew and Mrs. Nancy Martin. Those who were there: Robert Stem and wife, Ezra H. Martin, Mrs. Clara Chappell, Willie Traynor and wife. We had a most enjoyable time.

On Saturday Mr. & Mrs. Goodman, their son, Andrew and Mrs. Nancy Martin went to Noix Creek church where I met many old acquaintances and listened...

R.T. Martin  LPJ 1910


Winter 2014
Library News

Donations to the Library and Museum:
We have been honored with a large money donation for the work and labor of love our Volunteer Dorothy McCarthy does for her community, her church, her family, and her love of Genealogy. Her and her husband Jack were always willing and able to do whatever the society needed. Now her husband is gone she still tries beyond her own physical abilities to continue her work for all her clubs, her church, and her family. She is one of many great assets we have in this society. Dorothy is one who believes our future is preserving our past. She is a wonder and loved by us all and most of us just don't see how she does it, and she will do it with a smile! We want to honor you, and let our
members know how wonderful it is to have you be a part of what we have. We all want to thank you.
We want to thank everyone who donates to our Society and Museum. We are blessed to have so many who want to help out.

Our festival committee was busy bees this fall. They worked hard to bring our books, flowers, and other items to our booths. They are a great bunch of volunteers who want to get out and share Pike County's vast history and beauty with it's people. They spoke of how much they enjoyed talking with people and sharing what we can do for them.
Getting them excited about their own family history. That's our biggest joy to get someone started in their journey of family.

The Society will be hosting ...


Names in the News



Mrs. Edwards

Mrs. Reginald Gentle

Glen Parsons

Mrs. Mahala Bilbert

Miss Mahala Reed

Miss Amanda Miller.

Miss Harriet McCans

Rev. Walter Simmons

Mrs. Alice Bennet and Mildred

Mrs. Jack Malia

Mrs. Little

Mrs. Otto Anderson

Miss Lena Gilbert

Glenn Parsons

Miss Mahala Reed

Miss Mildred Bennett

Glenn Parsons.

Miss Media Rieman

Ray Gorton

Edna Jane Haley

Mrs. W. H. Miller

Miss Martha Butler.

Mrs. J. W. Morrow

Miss Pearl Epperson

Alvin Stephens

W.S. Stephens.

Miss Mary Miller

George Gentle

Frank Parker




Mrs. W.R. Miller

John Ploesser

Miss Louise Morrow

Miss Edna Jane Haley

Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Gentle

Mrs. Amanda Miller

Mrs. R. I . Smith and Eula

Mrs. W.S. Bowen and John

Mr. and Mrs. John Hayden

Mrs. L.D. Trout

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Stephens

M.P. Gough

W.R. Miller

Dr. C.P. Lewellen

Dr. Howard Edwards

Mrs. Reginald Gentle

Mrs Charles Carnaga

Mrs. Fred West

Mrs. Marsh Epperson

Mrs. Lucile Stout

Mrs. Jay Houchins and Selma

Miss Ida May Wilson

Mrs. Annie Tompkins Johnley

Mrs. Henry Mill

Richard Tompkins

Rev. Walter Simmons




Mr. Erickson

Wm. Erickson.

Reginald Gentle

Mrs. Ham Caldwell

Wm. E. Gilbert

Mrs. Mahala Gilbert

Mrs. Russell Ashburn

Mrs. Wm. Erickson

Mrs. Dee Williams

Mrs. Fred West

Mrs. Marsh Epperson

Mrs. Adams

Mrs. W.H. Miller

Calvin Stephens

Wm. Gilbert

Miss Virginia Martin

Mrs. Wm. Erickson

Mrs. Henry Parsons

Varner Roberson

Mrs. Leslie Wilburn




Mrs. Media Rieman

Mrs. Richard Cook

George Miller

Miss Victoria Silvers

Mrs. George Harwood

Leslie Woodall

John Stephens

Andrew Stout

Mrs. Wm. Erickson

Mrs. N.W. Morrow

Mrs. Marsh Epperson

Miss Amanda Miller

Mrs. Jennie Matson

Marjorie McAdams

Mr. and Mrs. Vivian Epperson

Mrs. Joe Strother

Miss Edna Jane Haley

Mrs. Pegan


Miss Lethe McCans

Miss Myrtle Drummonds

Arthur Drummonds

Mrs. J.R. Tompkins

Mrs. Roy Cluck

Mr. and Mrs. Felix John

Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Johnson.

Mrs. John Penrod

Mrs. J.W. Morrow

Jake Hess

Rudolph Jaeger




Mrs. W.H. Miller

Mrs. Eliza Gunn

Mrs. Ruby Morrow

Mrs. D.A. Parker

Mrs. Vermillion

Raymond Gorton

Miss Edna Jane Haley

Mrs. Media Rieman


News items found in the Louisiana Press Journal, 1924, mentioned the following:

Amos Cotter

Mr. Earnie Gooch

Mr. Hy Henry

Mrs. Bessie Irvin

Mr. and Mrs. Willie Mosby

Rev. Birkhead

Mrs. Annie Bibb

Mrs. Hoffman


Death reports in 1912 mentioned:

Mrs. Mary Ingram (Porter)

I.J. Ingram

W.J. Porter

L B. Porter

C.E. Porter

Miss Annie Ingram

Mrs. E.F. Nunn

Sarah A.E. Henderson

John and Paulina Henderson

Mr. Iverson Ingram

David L. Ingram

Martin L. Ingram

Almyra Parker

Gertrude Burgess

Martin Burgess

Delia Burgess

Ada Burgess. 

John C. Burgess 

Walter Burgess

Henry Ingram.

Ezra Parker


Edgewood news items found in the Louisiana Press Journal in 1943 mentioned the following: 

Mrs. Julie Gaw

I.V. Bufford

Mr. and Mrs. E.P. Jett.

Mr. and Mrs. E.B. Rule

Byram Rule

Mrs. Harry Hunter

Mrs. Alton Jett

Kirby Wilson


Days Gone By




* Carl Stewart Passed Away Thursday Night At Home. *


*Son of C.W. Stewart, Superintendent of the Ottawa District Office Of An Insurance Co.




Carl Stewart, aged 17 years, son of Charles W. Stewart, superintendent of the Ottawa district office of the Prudential Insurance company, is dead at his home, No. 538 Guthrie Street. The youth, a member of the senior class at the high school, passed away Thursday evening as a result of kidney and liver trouble. He had been ill since July, but at the high school commenced this year was better, and attended school for two weeks.

Then he became ill again and since that time was confined to his bed, his illness gradually becoming more serious. He was born in Lafayette, Ind., November 8, 1896. The family moved to St. Louis and from there to Ottawa in 1905. They located in Center Ottawa, and Carl attended the Columbus school.

The family ...

The Back Page


Captured 6 Hours After Jail Break

Bloodhounds Trail Fugitives Morris and Smith to Com Shock


Louisiana Press Journal, September 1949


Warren B. Morris, 35 yrs old Negro, who escaped from Sheriff Elmer Wheatley at Bowling Green, Last May 20, and who later was arrested in St.Louis and returned to Pike County Jail, made another attempt at a get-away Wed. of this week.

This time the attempt was unsuccessful, Morris and John Carson Smith, 18 yrs old Louisiana youth, who made the break with him, were captured and returned to the jail six hours after they bolted the jail after having overpowered Sheriff Wheatley when he opened the door to the cell block.

While a search was being made for the men Wed. afternoon word was received by telephone at the jail that two men had been seen on the Tinsiey Hiles farm a short distance north of Bowling Green bloodhounds that had been brought from Algoa picked up the scent and the men were found hiding in a shock of com on the Hiles farm and surrendered to officers who had followed the dogs.

Mrs. Wheatley told the press by phone Wed that …


Fall 2014
Library News

The Pike County Genealogical Society & Museum is a place where you can experience some of the history of Pike County Missouri. It's a place where you meet friendly staff who are just as excited to help you in your quest to find your family who lived here. The society offers a large collection of different categories, obituaries, funeral home records, death certificate indexes, old plat maps, cemetery listings and some cemetery pictures, marriages from 1818-1940., Real Estate taxes, Personal property taxes, school history, military items, family histories, surname files that house different items within. We have probate files on microfiche. Census records, and many more items.

Donations to the Library and Museum were;  A WW2 unifo1m and picture and history that belonged to Jack McCarthy donated by Dorothy McCarthy, White tables Sharon & Dean Coose, White folding tables Mel & Valerie Kottwitz, POW flag & picture Renee & Susan Veaux, Generations, Family history of Willis, Straube, Morris, & Mudd families  by Fred Smith; Large iron Civil War Kettle by Ed Lawson; Oak Grove, Ashley, Ashburn, and St. Clements Cemeteries books by Alice Niles; Hand scanner by Sharon & Dean Coose.

The society is planning to sell fall flowers and books and cookies at our local fall festivals for September and October. Hope to see you there!

We will be starting up our cemetery project at the ...


Ashburn Items -- Names Mentioned

Aug. 14, 1917

Mrs. R.W. Bartram

Mrs. Reuben St. John

Paul Dent  St. John

Mrs. J.A. Harris

Mary Elizabeth Harris

Mrs. J.W. Morrow

Aug. 16, 1917

Miss Florence Huse

Miss Hazel Ovens

Miss Dorothy Bryson

Miss Adelaile Bray

Miss Fay Claus

Mrs. Fred Claus

Col. John Lewis Bray

Major Claus

Ian Bryson

Miss Rita Thornton

Miss Frances Haley

Aug. 21, 1917

Mrs. Pegan

Mrs. M.P. Gough

Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Whitten

Mrs. Media Rieman

Mrs. Russel Ashburn

T.J. Withers

George Ploesser

Mrs. W.A. Bowen

Mrs. Jesse Stephens.

Mrs. John Stephens

Miss Lena Gilbert

Mrs Ruby Morrow

Aug. 30, 1917

Miss Dorothy Motley

Mrs. Reginald Gentle

Mrs. Mary Wilson

Mrs. Richard Cook

Mr.  and Mrs. Wm. Wilson

 Woodrow Wilson

Mrs. Ruby Morrow

Miss Elizabeth Collins

Lacy Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. Anderson

O.A. Anderson

Miss Helen Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Johnson

Miss Josie Tompkins

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Tompkins.

Miss Lena Gilbert

Mrs. Ray Parsons

Miss Katherine Stout

Miss Thelma Withers

Otto Stout

Mr. and Mrs. Claude Stout

Ray Gorton

Miss Edna Jane Haley

Mrs. Media Rieman

Miss Myrtle Smith


Leon· McGeorge

Wilson McGeorge

Mrs. Leslie Wilson

Mr. and Mrs.Edward Gibbs

Mr. and Mrs. John Ploesser

Mr. and Mrs. George Ploesser

Mr. and Mrs. Miller Stout

Mrs. Wm. Johnly

Miss Thema Neale

Clinton McCall

M.P. Gough

Miss Nannie Adams

Mrs. Media Rieman

Jack Wilson

Miss Eufamma Douglas

J.W. Morrow

John J. McKinney

John Arch Benn

Dr. Crewdson



Annada News (By Mrs. Elmer Newberry) -- Names Mentioned

Feb. 22, 1973

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Stone

Mr. and Mrs. Billy Stone and Judy.

Mr. and Mrs. Herb Bange

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Bange

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Newberry

Mrs. Billy Stone

Mrs. Bill Moulton

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Hemphill

Mr. and Mrs. Herb Bange; Jeff, John and Theresa

RoJean Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. Al Harrison

Tom Barrett

Lloyd Taylor

Herman Donelson

Mr. And Mrs. Gene Stewart

Tom Barrett.

Lloyd Taylor

Herman Donelson

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Stewart

Debbie Stewart

Marcia Tolbert.

Mr. and Mrs. Wray Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Sheets

Lanny Kuntz

Junior Harrison.

Miss Abigail Arthuard

Miss Theresa  Cooper

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Stone and Peggy

Mrs. Bill Moulton and Kevin

Tim Cohea

Joe Cohea

Karen Taylor

Mar. 1, 1973

Mrs. Maurice Illy

Mrs. Don Adams

Mrs. Gene Schuster

Mrs. Gene Stewart

Mrs. Joe Whitmore.

Maurice Illy

Mrs. Bob Burkemper

Mrs. Curtis Havner


Hickory Grove News (By Mrs. Lizzie Carr) - Mar. 22, 1973 -- Names Mentioned

Rev. Charles R. Moore

Mrs. Susie Herren

Mrs. Eathel Cleveand

Mrs. Ruby Steward

Mr. and Mrs. John Steward

Mrs. Susie Herren

Rev. and Mrs. Charles R. Moore

Orval Slater

Miss Wanda Herren

Alfred . Shannon

Mr. and Mrs. George Copher

Miss Wanda Herren

Mrs. Mary Edna Griffith

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Welch, Jr. and Sonja

Robbie Welch

Mr. and Mrs. Glen Wharton

Mr. and Mrs. Glen Niffen

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Welch, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Champ Sippely

Mrs. Mary Alice Morse and Michelle.


Queries and Research

More details may be found in the newsletter, including contact information for those researching these surnames

Houston, Allen, Sattawhite/Sadawhite, Allen, Blackorby/Blackabee, Flowers, Kohl, Kraft, Baxter, Howdyshell, Ricks, Hobbs, Adams, Nicklin, Crank, Wilkinson, McAdams, Keithly, Penn, Hawkins, Evans, Culwell, Nichols, Briggs, Balls, Pool, Hoke, Lewis, Gentry, Palmer, Kelly, Goodrich, Berry, Chandler, Hawkins, Patterson, Patton, Canter, Shuck, Gladney, McCuneIngram/Ingraham, Jones, Haynes, Henderson, Beck, Smith, Fields, Dodds, Griffith, Colvin, Lennington, Nelson, Barton, Kincaid, Acree, Meador


Days Gone By

Turpin News from the Louisiana Press Journal in 1924 included mention of:  James Davidson, Mrs. W. T. Waters, Mr. Wm. Waters, Analdo Stiddings, Martha Prewitt., Henry Hawkins, Mrs. Hamlett, Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Hawkins and Kernel, Mrs. Ruby Davidson, Mary Johnson, Alice Taylor, M. W. Henderson, W. H. Clifford, B. Marvin Harris, W.C. Beauchamp, Rolla Bryant, Tebb Forgey, J. E. Mayes

Deaths from the Louisiana Press Journal in 1917 included mention of:  Willis t. Farmer, J udge H. J. Armstrong, Louis Kramer, Mollie Soward, Julius Kramer, Nina Hall, Thomas Kramer, William Jackson (colored), William Cashman, Charles Duvall, Mrs. Hockaday

Salem News included mention of: T.J. Forgey, E.H. Painter, J.H. Dreon,  W.L. Gilmore, Miss Velma Cothran, Clarence Cothran, Mr. and Mrs E.A. Elgin, B.F. Cothran, Mr. and Mrs. J. Frank, Mr. and Mrs. E.A. Elgin, R. B. Scholl, Mr. Albert Buchanan, Mrs. E.H. Bryant and son Jack, Mr. and Mrs. B.C. Kelly, Eugene Kelly


The Back Page

As someone who spends time in cemeteries trying to find lost relatives, I often come across interesting tombstones and want to know more about the person. Taking a lead from my fellow genealogist friend, who has done many of these stories, I am embarking on my first adventure.  I hope in the future to bring more stories, some will be relatives and some will be just because the stone looked interesting. So let's begin with my first:

Story behind the Stone

Henry Simpson (Sim) Baker

By Nancy L. Reid

Mr. Henry Simpson (Sim) Baker was born September 5, 1868 to Hiram and Francis (Coyle) Baker in Louisville, Lincoln County, Missouri. Henry had a total of 9 brothers and sisters.  The 1870 U.S. Federal Census lists, Hiram and Francis along with their children William (age 23), Jeremiah (age 20), Alfred (age 19), Reason (age 17), Susan (age 14), Curtis (age 11), Ellender (age 8), Robert (age 5), and Burton (age 1), and farm laborer Harrison C. Applegate were living in Ashley, Pike County, Missouri.  Hiram along with his sons William, Jeremiah, Alfred, and Reason were employed as farm laborers. Henry was not listed on the 1870 Census, however, the siblings and the parents were identified using the additional sources.

The 1880 U.S. Federal Census did not mention ...



 Summer 2014

Library News

The Pike County Genealogical Society & Museum is a place where you can experience some of the history of Pike County Missouri. It's a place where you meet friendly staff who are just as excited to help you in your quest to find your family who lived here. The society offers a large collection of different categories, obituaries, funeral home records, death certificate indexes, old plat maps, cemetery listings and some cemetery pictures, marriages from 1818-1940, Real Estate taxes, Personal property taxes, school history, military items, family histories, surname files that house different items within. We have probate files on microfiche. Census records, and many more items.

Then we have our Pike County Museum. It has a range of items on display also. Our 1884jail houses the museum. We have a military room, one-room schoolhouse, Champ Clarks Office, A Victorian room, 1920-l930displays, a 1940's room, a 1950's room. We have a civil war room, and the jail's kitchen.

Donations to the Library and Museum were: Wooden stands for the military uniforms, A POW flag, an American flag, & some office supplies, a file cabinet, & cds and numerous money donations.

The society and our Vice President Pat Thomas held a Memorial day flower sale in Louisiana Mo. It was during Memorial weekend and the flowers were items to decorate your loved ones stones with. They were created by Pat. Pat along with her son and some volunteers from the society tended to the selling part of the flowers. It was a great success. She is planning to do something in the fall with fall flowers.

We are planning to ...


Ashburn Items - July 19, 1917 -- Names Mentioned:
Miss Louise Morrow
Miss Rozena Smith
Mrs. Mary Miller
Mr. & Mrs. W. H. Miller
Miss Alma Reed
Miss Garnet Kelly
Mrs. Mary Wilson
Mrs. George McCans
Rev. George Saunders
Mrs. Mamie Stout
Mrs. W. A. Bowen
Mrs. Jesse Stephens
Mrs. Russell Ashburn
Mrs. Wm. Johnly
Mrs. Cecil Anderson
Mr. & Mrs. 0. A. Anderson.
Mr. & Mrs. Reginald Gentle
Mrs. Helen Fisher
Mrs. W.H. Miller
Miss Amanda Miller
Harry Fisher
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Fisher
Mrs. Waddell
Rev. Walter Simmons
Louis Campbell
Jesse B. Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Marion Williams
Wm. Williams
Dave Taylor
John Williams,
H. Penrod
Mr. & Mrs. J. Arch Benn
W. S. Stevens
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Stout
Mr. & Mrs. H.H. Summers
H. E. Clarvell
Henry Miller
Wm. H. Miller
Adam Miller
Mat Huber
Mr. & Mrs. P.M. Jones


Ashburn Items - Aug. 16, 1917 -- Names Mentioned:
Mrs. Bessie Farrell
Mrs. Mary Wilson
Mr.& Mrs. Ralph Tompkins
Mr.& Mrs. Claude Caldwell
Charles McAdams
Mrs. John Gentle
Mr.& Mrs. Reginald Gentle.
Mrs. Bessie Dillingham
Miss Elizabeth Null
Mrs. J. W. Morrow
Mrs. R.S. Smith and daughter, Miss Eula
Mrs. Crosby
Miss Cleo Mayer
Miss Louise Morrow
Miss Jessie Tompkins
Mr.& Mrs. Russell Tompkins
Mr.& Mrs. M. P. Gough
Mrs. Media Rieman
Mrs. Wm. Erickson
Miss Amanda Miller
Mrs. Elmer Loudell


Annada News - Feb. 8, 1973 -- Names Mentioned
Mrs. Catherine Whipple
Mrs. Raymond Rubemeyer and Bradley
Mrs. Hurley Walker.
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Hays, Susan and Cindy
Mrs. Catherine Whipple
Mrs. Raymond Rubemeyer and Bradley
Mrs. John Stewart
Robert Williams
Mrs. Paul Darnall and Sherri
Mrs. Bob Adams.
Mr. & Mrs. John Stephens
Calvin Stephens
Mrs. Esther Craig
Mr. & Mrs. G. Lewis Stephens
Charles West was
Glen and Randy Till
Miss Peggy Suelzle
Mr. & Mrs. J.B. Young
Mr. & Mrs. G. Lewis Stephens
Mr. & Mrs. G. Lewis Stephens
Mrs. Esther Craig
Mr. & Mrs. J.B. Young and Debbie


Annada News - Feb. 22, 1973 (by Mrs. Elmer Newberry -- Names Mentioned
Mr. & Mrs. Wray Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Newberry
Miss Rose Crank
Mr. & Mrs. Billy Stone and Judy
Mr. & Mrs. Dave Robinson and Davey
Debbie Stewart
Marcia Tolbert
Mr. & Mrs. Gene Stewart
Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Newberry
Mr. Raymond Eirsman
Mr. & Mrs. Brad Hemphill, John and Kari Ann
Mr. & Mrs. Gene Hemphill
Mr. & Mrs. Les Waganer
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Reid
Mrs. Herb Bange
Mrs. Francis Bange
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Stone and Peggy
Mr. & Mrs. Billy Stone and Judy
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Stone
Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Stone
Chris Martin
Jennifer Martin
Sally Martin
Mr. & Mrs. Herman Donelson.
Gene Stewart
Miss Rose Crank
Mrs. Margaret Crank
Charlie Crank
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Whitmore
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Reid
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Lagemann.
Peggy Sue Stone
Diane Turpin
Melissa Stewart
Shelley Ray
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Moulton
Mr. & Mrs. Gene Stewart
Mr. & Mrs. Herman Donelson
Lloyd Taylor
Mr. & Mrs. William Cohea
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Stone
Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Newberry
Rhonda Whitmore\
Mr. & Mrs. Gene Stewart, Pam, Bruce and Melissa
Debbie Stewart
Marcia Tolbert
Gene Stewart
Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Newberry
Mr. & Mrs. Dale Miller 
Miss Rose Crank
Miss Emma Rhodes
William Rueche


Queries and Research  

More details may be found in the newsletter, including contact information for those researching these surnames

  Renner, Rule, Johnson, Pierce/Peairs, Jones, Hendrix, Kohl, Schmidt, Haught, Marsh, Inge, Stonehouse, Nemia, White, Jonis/Jones, Jenkins, Vaughn, Arnold, Garvey, Tobin, Thornton, Cash, Shotwell, Foutes, Nichols, Wilson, Shannon, Henton, VanNoy, Trower, Dieckmann, Kirtley, Masters, Traynor, Cash, Vermillion, Rose, McCardie, Johnson, Worsham, Royalty, Hogue, Canter, Butler, Hemp, Shadwell, Hall, Hiles, Swain, Vannoy, Moss

Days Gone By

Eolia News from the Louisiana Press Journal in 1924 included mention of: Leon Gooch, Miss Mary Dawson, Miss Helen McKay, Miss Martha Prewitt, Mrs. Carrie Duncan, Mr. and Mrs. W.N. Simpson, Eugene Gooch, Elmore Gooch, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Orma Hall, Mr. and Mrs. R.L. E. Terry, Mrs. Sallie Henston, Mrs  Nannie Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. Al Turpin, Mr. and Mrs. Alpha Magruder, Mrs. Florence Wright, and Gentry Magruder

Deaths from the Bowling Green Times in 1906 included mention of:  Mrs. Thomas Clawson, George Jones, Mrs. Kincaid, Capt. J. D. Kincaid, Dr. J. J. Kincaid, Mrs. Alex Ovens, W. F. Mayhall, J. O. Dow

Kissinger News from the Louisiana Press Journal in 1923 included mention of: Miss Mary Schaefer, Miss Josie Schaefer, Mrs. C.A. Pitzer, J.S. Hartman, E. H. Painter, Miss Kuntz, J.A. Pitzer, Mr. Dreon, Mr. Cooper, W.V. Mackey, Mr. C.A Pitzer, Schaefer Bros., J. E. Bryant, E.H. Painter, S. Omohundro, Miss Fama LaRue, and Mrs. E. H. Painter.


The Back Page

An Iowa Tragedy

The murder of a farmer and attempted murder of his son in 1864.  A noted bushwhacker charged with the crime and arrested by a St. Louis office fearful of lynching. He attempts to Escape and is shot.

There is scarcely a record of lawlessness with more terrible associations than that of a tale of blood which startled all Davis County Iowa, in 1864 when William Wallace was murdered and an attempt made to take the life of his son, John Wallace.

Wallace was a farmer living in peace with all his neighbors, when were few and scattered. No thought of ever being a victim to desperate ruffianism disturbed him. He had considerable amount of property which got to the knowledge of some notorious gang. One day one of the villains attempted to steal a number of his horses, and Wallace looking on his property with a jealous eye endeavored to prevent him from taking them off. The scoundrel seeing the resistance which was being offered determined to carry out his intention even if bloodshed was the consequence. The result was that he shot and killed the elder Wallace and seriously wounded the younger, He then got off with his plunder. The affair caused great excitement and a man named Francis Marin West was accused of the crime.

West could not be found and the tragedy ceased after a time to talked of, except by a few. Later it became known ...



 Spring 2014

Library News

The obituary project is still an ongoing one till all newspapers collected are put onto a CD.  So far this winter we have finished 1950s--1960s.  Now some of the years are not complete years we collected what we had available to us and that's all.  So you need an obit just call and ask or stop by and check our indexes for what we have.  This project has been a 6 year project started by the late Nancie Joseph Stout.  She passed last year and we who were helping her are continuing her work the best we can.  She was also a big part of the cemetery project and will be greatly missed.

The museum is growing and growing.  We have the most generous people who love to donate items.  We just acquired the old Buckner Hollow School records donated to us by Mr. Wayne Gamm.  We have been given Nancie Joseph Stout's collection of Obits and family history of the Turnbull, Carr, Jackson, Ince, Muff families and their connected families.  Betty Jo Wendel has donated Col. J. Wendel's Chocolate chip uniform wore in the war against Hussein.  We have a WWI uniform just donated to us by a friend of Guyetta Summoski of New Hartford Mo. The museum is looking for a Louisiana Bulldog letter jacket to go with Clopton and BG's display.

We are excited for ...



Annada News - Jan. 11, 1973 -- Names Mentioned:

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Booth

Patricia Booth

Tina Booth

Rachell Booth

Mr. and Mrs. Red Grote

Mrs. Frank Busch

Mrs. Ryeburn Ralston

Mrs. Frank Busch

Mrs. W.P. Clifford

Mrs. Gene Stewart

Mrs. Elmer Newberry

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Whitmore

Mr. and Mrs. Ryeburn Ralston

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stewart

Alice Stewart

Mr. and Mrs. W.P. Clifford

Mr. and Mrs. Clark Colbert

Mr. and Mrs. Billy Stone

Judy Stone

Mrs. Richard Stewart

Alice Stewart

Mr. and Mrs. Herman Donelson

Mrs. Ross Hoskins

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Newberry

Mrs. Wray Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Robinson

Mr. and Mrs. Billy Stone

Judy Stone

Mr. and Mrs. Homer Sterne

Ruth Ann Sterne

Mr. and Mrs. Billy Wood

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Newberry

Mr. and Mrs. Herman Donelson

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lagemann

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Reid

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Whitmore

Mr. and Mrs. Herman Donelson

Mr. and Mrs. Willie Ruhl

Debbie Stewart

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Stewart

Mr. and Mrs. Al Harrison

Carl Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Herb Bange

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Bange

Bill Lagemann

Mr. and Mrs. Firman Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jones

Mrs. Gary Jolley

Steven Jolley

Shannon Jolley

Thad Radford

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Radford

Mrs. Catherine Whipple

Mrs. Calvin Stephens

Mr. and Mrs. John Stephens

Mr. and Mrs. G. Lewis Stephens

Mrs. Esther Craig

Calvin Stephens

Micky Rubemeyer

Vince Rubemeyer

Mike Rubemeyer

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Anderson

Mrs. Calvin Stephens

Mr. and Mrs. James Pickens

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jones

Mrs. Lula Weber

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Thurman

Ernest McAdams

Mr. and Mrs. Loren Lamberson

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Ehret

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Wilson

Mike Wilson

Steve Wilson

Mrs. Randall Meyers

Mr. and Mrs. Marion Lamberson

Mrs. John Stewart

Mrs. Lelia Williams

Mrs. Glen King

Michael King

Mr. and Mrs. Lenard Caldwell

Paul Caldwell

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Darnall

Mrs. Esther Craig

Mr. and Mrs. John Stephens

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Darnall

Lisa Darnall

Sherri Darnall

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Darnall




Ashburn Items - May 22, 1917 -- Names Mentioned:

Helen Johnson

Bess Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Johnson

Mrs. Homer Wilson

Mrs. Russell Ashburn

Mrs. Henry Smith

Helen Smith

Earl McAdams

George Darst

John Cherry

Mrs. Thomas Benning

Miss Edna Jane Haley

George Darst

Miss Amanda Miller

Miss Ida Mae Wilson

Miss Lelma Houchins

Mrs. J.W. Morrow

Mrs. Harry Irvin

Mrs. Media Reiman

Mrs. Richard Cook

Mrs. B.O. Ward

Mrs. Clyde Epperson

Mrs. W.H. Miller

Mrs. Dora McAdams

Billy Smith

Walter Simmons

J.W. Morrow

Mrs. C.D. Meyer


Ashburn Items - June 20, 1917 -- Names Mentioned:

Mrs. Reginald Gentle

Geoge Plosser

Mrs. Mary Miller

Miss Louise Morrow

Mrs. Media Reiman

Mrs. Richard Cook

Mr. and Mrs. M.P. Gough

Russell Tompkins

George Miller

Lacy Taylor

John Ploesser

Mrs. Mary Wilson

Heber Adams

Mrs. Wm. Johnly

Miss Elsa Ogden

Mrs. O.A. Anderson

Miss Louise Morrow

Mrs. Media Reiman

Mrs. Ben Farrell

Ruth Farrell

Elmer Douglas

Mrs. Maggie Webster

Miss Helen Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Robertson

Mrs. W.H. Miller

Mrs. Eliza Gunn

W.A. Bowen

Mrs. L.D. Trout

Mr. and Mrs. John Haden

Geo. Darst

Mrs. Robert Camblin

Richard Camblin

Mr. and Mrs. John Haden


Queries and Research

More details may be found in the newsletter, including contact information for those researching these surnames

Nichols, Burch, Wilson, Griffith, Martin, Hogue, McElwee, Riley, Dempsey, Horniday, Palmer, Thomas, Pike, Houchins, Holiday, Jordan, Stewart, Draper, Bray, Cheadle, McCune, Williamson, Swally, Robinson, Herring, Harbold


Days Gone By

Louisiana Press Journal


Gazette Items

S Marn is laid up from ...

Dave Jefferies is ...

The young folks had a dance at Uncle Billie Woodson's ...

William Wilcox has erected ...

Prof. W.A. Vannoy is teaching a singing class at ...

B.F. Trower has recovered and remodeled his bar.  Uncle Jack Trower has built ...

James Thorpe has bought ...

Constable Joe Davis ...


Louisiana Press Journal

W.M. Carr, colored, died at his home ... April 1911

W. Wright, a veteran of the Mexican  ... Jan 1911

Sparrell Early, a well known negro who lived on Grassey Creek many years, died ... Jan 1911

Aung J. Williams, an old colored woman died ... Jan 1911

Thomas Broady Coleman, colored, died of ... Jan 1911

Ray James Beck died at the home of ... Jan 1911

Mollie Hostetter, daughter of Gabriel Hostetter of Frankford, died ... Jan 1911

Delia Hendricks, colored, died ... Feb 1911

Amanda Gatewood, an aged colored woman, died ... Jan 1911

The wife of Joe Carr, colored, died ... Jan 1911

Louisiana Press Journal



I believe most of our sick folks are on the road to recovery.  Only ...

Dick Steele and wife spent the weekend ...

M.R. Kines has bought ...


Louisiana Press Journal

A negro woman and her son and daughter were lynched at Carrollton, Mississippi for the murder of Mr. and Mrs. Taliferro.  A mob of ... Aug 1901

Okema, Ok. Laura Nelson a negro woman and her son of 16 years were lynched.  They shot Deputy Sheriff who went to search their shanty for stolen goods.  The woman and her son were taken ... May 1911


William Williams knows all about them.  One of them lives in Cyrene and the other in Hannibal.  In Thursday's press a letter was printed from Maryville, Ill. asking for information of the whereabouts of two boys -- John S. and George August Lies, who were given away by their father, who once lived at Old Monroe.  The letter stated that one of the boys was given to a man named Davis and the other to a man named Williams.

When the press came out Mr. William Williams who works at Ingram and Williams feed store on Main street, saw the letter and immediately solved the mystery of the boys whereabouts.  About 12 years ago as well as Mr. Williams can remember, he was living in the Tinsley house, the big brick building, at the corner of Alabama and Main streets, and a man who gave his name as A.B. Lies came to his house to board, bringing with him two little boys, probably four and six years of age.  The man was a bridge carpenter on the ...

Louisiana Press Journal


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