Brick Wall  Mysteries 


In this section we will be listing the "Brick Wall Mysteries" of Pike County Genealogy Society members. Hopefully, you will recognize some piece of a mystery and be able to help solve it. As more information is discovered on any mystery posted here, we will include that information. When we have enough "solved" mysteries, we will create a new section just for them!

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Six Akers

There was a store called "6 Akers" in Bowling Green. Can anyone tell us what kind of store it was?

Mystery Marriage License

On September 20, 1893, Louis T. Sanderson and Cora B. Wright were married in Ashley by J.D. Biggs pastor of the Bowling Green Baptist Church. Their license was witnessed by John Wright and Mrs. John Wright. Do you know who these people were? Are they YOUR ancestors? Help us find out more about these newlyweds.

See pictures of this license on our Mystery Marriage License page.

We received this note:

This is in regards to the Mystery Marriage certificate you have on your website. After searching for a few minutes on the 1880 census' (page 536 A) Calumet, Pike, Mo) I came up with John E and Alvia P Wright as the parents of Cora E Wright. Louis' parents were John E and Ella Sanderson found on page 582 c of the 1880 census of Bowling Green, Pike Co, Missouri. Both Louis and Cora E were born in 1871.

I had hoped that I was related as I am related to a bunch of "Wrights" from Pike Co. but I'm not. Thanks for the fun of looking this up.

Ed Cline 

Many thanks to Ed for this timely information! We now have ancestors of Louis and Cora, how about descendants? Does anyone have any information on children? We look forward to hearing from you!

We received this note:

Dear Brickwall,

Lewis T. Sanderson was born 27 Mar 1871 and died 19 Feb 1964 in Los Angeles, CA.
Cora W. Sanderson was born 4 Jun 1871 and died 27 Oct 1961 in Los Angeles, CA.

In the 1900 census for Bowling Green we see the following:

Sanderson, Louis Mar 1871 MO VA VA merchant
Sanderson, Cora Jun 1871 MO VA VA married 7 years 2/2 children
Katherine Jun 1894 MO MO MO
Cash Nov 1898 MO MO MO
Meracle, June Mar 1881 MO MO MO servant

In the 1910 census, they were living in Bowling Green and had the following children:

Katherine 15 yrs old 
Cash 11 yrs old
Elizabeth 1 11/12 yrs old

The kids were listed again in the 1920 census in Bowling Green too.

In the 1930 census, the girls were living with their parents in Bowling Green.
Lewis had been listed as a clothing/dry goods merchant in the census reports. By 1930, their son, Cash, had moved to Cincinnati and was listed in the census as single and a linoleum salesman.

Cash Wright Sanderson was born 6 Nov 1898 and died 11 Jul 1972 in Long Beach, LA, CA
Elizabet Wells Sanderson was born 26 May 1908 and died 18 Aug 1972 in Los Angeles.

My question to you is: where did you acquire or find the marriage license? I presume it was in an estate sale in California most likely from the other daughter, Katherine. 
I found her information in the CA death index too: Katherine Pauline (Sanderson) Harnetiaux was born in Missouri on 15 Jun 1894 and died in Los Angeles on 30 Sep 1980. Her husband, Frank Harnetiaux, apparently died in 1952. 

An obituary check in Los Angeles could be done to see if she or Cash had any descendants; however, my guess is that they died without children and her estate was auctioned off and thus, the marriage license found its way back to Bowling Green??? 

There is a listing on Ancestry World Tree for this family by a Glenda Brown Sanderson. She is from Louisville, KY and is married to Doug Sanderson and they are likely distant cousins who might appreciate a copy of the original marriage license.
<personal information snipped> 

There was also a listing on the web by most likely a relative through their mother's family (Wright) too. Raymond Tippett at <email address removed for privacy>.

Note: the info was found through databases, as well as the CA death records index and Google searches on the internet.

Hope this helps. 


Researched by Bob Behnen, 2nd Dist State Rep from Kirksville, MO and a candidate for MO Senate District 18 which includes Bowling Green and Pike Co.

PS This is how I keep my sanity - thanks for the challenge.

PSS This info was posted by Glenda Brown Sanderson regarding Lewis T. Sanderson's father, John Eubank Sanderson Jr.

Name: John Eubank Sanderson JR. 
Sex: M 
Birth: 13 OCT 1821 in Bedford Co., VA 
Death: 18 OCT 1911 in Bowling Green, MO 

Thought to have volunteered with the first company from VA in the Civil War - but, this is unsubstantiated information.
Family moved to St. Louis, MO, in 1869, from Kentucky where they have been burned out by Indians. Moved 1874 to Bowling Green MO, where he kept a hotel and later the J.E. Sanderson Dry Goods & Clothes Co. Obituary recorded in Bowling Green (MO) Times. 

Many thanks to Bob for all of this wonderful information! 

We received this note
August 21, 2007

I believe that John E the father of the groom was a widow in 1880 & Ella was his daughter and a School Teacher in Pike Co.  The parents of Lewis & Cora were Katherene P, Cash W & Elizabeth W living with them in Pike in 1910.  I was hoping to conect this family to my person David J Sanderson born 1912 but so far no luck. 

Our thanks to Pat Devoti!

Dickie - Who was this small, one-armed boy?

Our Second mystery is about a small boy who lived in the Ashley or New Hartford township east of Ashley toward the Louisville area. His name was Dickie and he had one arm. His age could have been anywhere from 6-13. He could be connected to any of the following families: Tinsley, Butler, Oden, Patterson, Lovell, Humphrey, Robinson, Srote, or Hostrip. It seems most likely he was attached to either the Butler or Tinsley family. We would like to know any information about this boy. Although we know he died very young, we don't know WHEN he died.

We received this note
5 November 2008:

Regarding the one-armed boy, Dickie:

I love a mystery. Your puzzler gives no hint as to what time period Dickie lived in or what your source(s) for the mystery is/are. 

Since every investigation has to start somewhere, I started with the wild assumption that "Dickie" was Richard Somebody, that he was white and that there was a chance that he was born around 1870, and that he was living in Pike County MO.

I then went to and searched the census index for all white, male Richards living in Pike Co. MO in 1870 census, born within 5 years of 1870 and came up with the following:

  • Richard Hardin, b. ca. 1865, living in/near Calumet Twp.
  • Richard Malone, b. ca. 1867, living in/near Calumet Twp.
  • Richd. Downing, b. ca. 1865, living in/near Clarksville Twp.
  • Richard Srote, b. ca. 1868, living in/near Hartford Twp.
  • Richard S. Pray, b. ca. 1868, living in/near Louisiana Twp.
  • Richard Cash, b. ca. 1865, living in/near Peno Twp.
  • Richard W. White, b. ca. 1865, living in/near Peno Twp.

Only one of those names matches a name in your puzzle's list:

1870 Family in Hartford Twp., Pike Co. MO
William H. Srote, age 33, b. in KY
Martha Srote, age 34, b. in MO
Elizabeth Srote, age 4, b. in MO
Richard Srote, age 2, b. in MO

Checking marriages, I found:
Mr. William Henry Shrote, married Miss Martha Donaldson Lordan, in Pike Co., on or about 6 Oct. 1864.

With that info., I went to the 1880 census, looked for the Srote family, and found this family, incorrectly indexed as the Grote family:

1880 Family in Hartford Twp., Pike Co. MO
William Srote, age 43, b. in KY
Rachel B. Srote, age 33, b. in MO
Richard B. Srote, age 12, b. in MO
Oma B. Srote, age 9, b. in MO

Note that Richard's presumed mother, Martha, is replaced by Rachel B. Martha would have been about 44 in 1880. Rachel is only 33. Question: Are Martha and Rachel two different women?

Searching's on-line database index of Kenneth Weant's Pike Co. Missouri Deaths, 1878 - 1917, I found:

Son (of) William H. & Rachel Srote
Birth Date: 14 Oct 1867
Death Date: 4 Sep 1884

Robert Benton Srote
Birth Date: 14 Oct 1867
Death Date 4 Sep 1884

Rachel Benton Srote/Mrs. William H. Srote
Birth Date: 11 Dec 1846
Death Date: 11 Aug 1884

By serendipitous error, I went back to search for the same records and failed to specify Pike Co., as a consequence of which I found the following Lincoln Co. death information, from's on line database index of Kenneth Weant's Lincoln Co. Missouri Deaths, 1866-1936:

Mrs. Rachel Henton (sic) Srote/Mrs. William H. Srote
Birth Date: 11 Dec 1846
Death Date: 11 Aug 1884

Son (of) William H. Srote
Birth Date: 14 Oct 1867
Death Date: 4 Sep 1884

Richard Benton Srote
Birth Date: 14 Oct 1867
Death Date: 4 Sep 1884

My conclusion: The son of William H. Srote who died on 4 Sep 1884 was actually Richard B. Srote. He was one month and four days short of being 17 years old when he died. AND 

He's as good (or better) a candidate as any for your one-armed Dickie.

--Terry Sampson
Los Angeles, CA

Many thanks to Terry for all that hard work! Sounds like a winner to us, at least until someone can prove anything different! 


Felix Buchanan - Where did he go?

Where is Felix Buchanan? He lived in Clarksville, Calumet Township in 1870 with wife and kids. The 1870 census shows:

BUCHANAN, Felix 40 M W Labor  Kentucky
Mary 33 F W Keep House  Kentucky
Richard 18 M W Labor  Missouri
Lucinda 11 F W  Missouri
James 9 M W  Missouri
Thomas 7 M W  Missouri
Felix 5 M W  Missouri
Albert 3 M W  Missouri
FERGUSEN, Robert 14 M W Labor  Missouri
Susan 9 F W  Missouri

Felix and family are also found in the 1880 census:

BUCHANAN, Felix W M 58 married gardener born KY, Mother born KY, Father born KY
Mary W F 40 wife married housekeeper  born KY, Mother born KY, Father born KY
Rob W M 24 son single born MO, Mother born MO, Father born KY
Susan W F 20 daughter single born MO, Mother born MO, Father born KY
Phelix W M 14 son single born MO, Mother born MO, Father born KY
Albert W M 13 son single born MO, Mother born KY, Father born KY

Felix is not found in the 1900 census, and it is thought he may have died in 1881. Felix was the son of Evan BUCHANAN and he is known to have a brother, William B., who is buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Clarksville. His son Albert ran a store in Clarksville. No other information is known.

Received 26 Oct 2007
From Chester Buchanan

Felix died in 1881 and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery. My cousins and I recently replaced his gravestone. I also placed a photo of his old broken stone on your website, along with many other Buchanan stones. I am sending the Pike Co. Genealogical Society a pedigree report for the Buchanans of Pike and Montgomery Co. since 1850. 


Whose Bible is this?

The Genealogy Society recently came into possession of a family Bible. There is lots of family history in this Bible and we would very much like to see a family member get this big piece of their family puzzle. Included in this Bible are:

grandfather Winterton Cox born Dec.9, 1842
grandmother Reason Sophia Herald Aug 12, 1848 died Feb 7, 1884
were married Feb 25, 1863
married secondly: Sarah Francis Church March 8, 1885

Maude Jane March 9, 1868 
married Aug.17, 1887 Lindy Lawson
Laura Francis June 25, 1870 
married Dec. 21, 1887 George Mitchell
Andrew C. October 27, 1872
Samuel W. May 3, 1876
Almeada Ann March 27, 1878
Elijah William June 4, 1880 Calhoun Co Ill. Feb 1, 1961 
married June 9, 1901 Fannie Catherine Holland Feb 4, 1882 died Dec 18, 1929 
d/o Elijah and Mary Holland 
married secondly July 1, 1933 Bessie Lawber died Oct 30, 1950 
married thirdly August 7, 1852 Addie Hughes Rades died Oct 2, 1960 Nashville TN
Emily May May 2, 1882
Orlisie V. December 9, 1886

Grandma Harriet Cox died Feb.12, 1885

Elijah and Fannie's children:
Bertha Valina Aug 28, 1902--July 29, 1959
Ira William Dec 17, 1905--Nov 28, 1966
Francis Eugen Cox Sept 17, 1915--Sept 5, 1971
Harry Ezekiel Cox July 8, 1918-- May 3, 1962
Joseph Alvin Cox May 20, 1913--Nov 15, 1988 Married Ina Kull March 3, 1946 

Kull family
John Phillip January 20, 1843--Dec. 1, 1931
Achsah Alice Mitchell February 19, 1850--Feb.26, 1932 married December 3, 1870
Jacob Thomas Kull Sept. 3, 1871
Sarah Frannie Calhoun June 5, 1878--May 14, 1947 Married Dec. 27, 1896

We received these notes:

I just stumbled upon your website and I was quite frankly shocked to see family names in that bible that was found.  My name is Kellee Garska.  My last name before marriage was Holland, Glenn Holland's daughter of Louisiana.  He passed away in January and left his wife Nina Holland still living there in Lousiana.  I reside in Troutdale, OR.  I have been on occasion trying to gather information on the Hollands.  You may want to give Jack Holland a call.  We're all related and I know that Jack has a lot of Holland information.  I knew Jay and Ina Cox.  I remember when they lived way out in the country and then when they moved closer into town and lived in that trailer.  If I could be of any help to you, please, let me know!!  It's fascinating!!  You can e-mail me if you'd like.  Thanks a bunch!!  Kellee   I would definitely give Jack Holland a call tho.  He may be able to help you! 

Hi,  It's Kellee Garska again.   I just went back into my family tree and found that Fannie Catherine Holland was the sister of my grandfather, Leo Holland.  Interesting......

The Bible has since been returned to the Holland family and rests in the proper hands once again. 

Who are these people and where are these places?

A large number of pictures were found in the attic of the Biggs' House in the process of cleaning out the estate of Ethel Short. The house is located on Court Street in Bowling Green, across from the library, behind the rest home. The box containing these pictures literally fell out of the ceiling. The family kindly donated them to the genealogy library. If someone can identify the subjects of any of these pictures as family and would like to add the picture(s) to their personal collection, we would be happy to help you out. You can contact Audrey Jones or Rhonda Stolte Darnell with any information.

You will see that a few of these pictures have additional information with them. If something was written on the back, we have included it here. What you see is what we know!




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