Brimer Family

Mollie McMillian Brimer (1869-1958)  married Laura Jane's brother, James Brimer (1861-1941) on 8 April 1888.  Mollie was 10 years younger than Laura Jane , but remained life-long friends in spite of distance.

Mollie and James had a son Ernest Brimer (1899-1983) and he married Gwendolyn Horn (1901-1966).
Their son, Charles Brimer (1921-1988) married Frances Louise "LOU" Holliday.

In the summer of 1950, my parents, Ralph and Doris Gooch Miller, hosted a family reunion on the farm 10 miles West of Bloomington, Illinois. That August 6, Laura Jane would have been 91 and Mollie 81.  I was just 10 and my sister Jeri was not quite 3.

In attendance were Laura Jane's  4 Children.  (see photo)

My mother's sister & Laura Jane's granddaughter, Kathryn Gooch (1916-2010) of  Milwaukee, WI was there.

Mollie's son, Ernest Brimer and his spouse, Gwendola came from MO.
Ernest Brimer's son,  Charles and his spouse Frances Louise "LOU" came in the same car from MO.

A young woman from Missouri, I have concluded that she must have been Ernestine, daughter of Ernest & Maude Gooch...perhaps someone viewing photo will recognize her and let me know.

My grandmother, Marie Kurz Gooch, a life-long resident of Pike CO, died 12 Feb 1932 in a Hannibal hospital.  She is buried in Bowling Green City Cemetery; I have photos.  I heard her funeral was attended by many both inside and outside the church.  She had been the manager of both the Golden Hotel and the Park Hotel.  

This family page is courtesy of Janet Miller Griswold.


Ray Gooch (1886-1954) of Bowling Green, MO.  His wife, Marie Kurz, had passed away in 1932.

Alpha Gooch Rose (1900-1987) and spouse, Maurice of Bloomington, IL w/whom Laura Jane resided.

Anna Gooch Hartwig (1889-1974) and spouse Adolph  (always known as "Happy"  of Milwaukee, WI

Ernest Gooch (1893-1966) and spouse, Maude of Bowling Green, MO.

Mollie and Laura Jane

The man who drove the Milwaukee contingency was related to no one then or now just a friend of family.

SEATED IS Laura Jane.  

On the grass is the driver, Kathryn Gooch (Ray's daughter & Doris' sister,
Me Janet Miller age 10 and my sister, Jeri 2 1/2, Doris Gooch Miller

Standing L to R
1.  Charles Brimer 1921-1988, son of Ernest Brimer, 1899--1983
2# Ray Gooch, son of Laura Jane and father of Doris & Kathryn
3# Molly Brimer, Mother of Ernest, grandmother of Charles
4# Alpha Gooch Rose, daughter of Laura Jane
5# Adolph "Happy" Hartwig
6# Maude Gooch, wife of Ernest Gooch
7# Annie Gooch Hartwig! Daughter of Laura Jane
8.  Ernest Brimer
9.  Gwendola Brimer, wife of Ernest
10. Frances "Lou" Brimer, wife of Charles
11.  ??  May be Ernestine, daughter of Ernest Gooch ??
12# Maurice Rose
13# Ernest Gooch
#= positive I. D.





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