In this section you will find various pieces of information which didn't seem to fit anywhere else, but which grant us a peek at our ancestors' lives.. If there is something you would like to see added or if you have found a link of particular helpfulness, please feel free to let us know.
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More Sources of Information

What Does That Mean?

WWII POW Camp in Louisiana, MO Gone - and, too often, forgotten
Orphan Train Preservationists fight for old cemeteries
Amish in Pike County 1913 letter from Louisa Petty Milburn
Shortline Railroad 1809 Newspaper Article
Bond for the Building of the Bethlehem Meeting Article Shorts from the Middletown Chips, pub. July 17, 1930
          House & Commissioners Order Article Shorts from the Middletown Chips, pub. May 22, 1930
Probate Information Pike's Past Lost in the Woods
History of Old  Buffalo Fort 1813 Letter to Secretary of War

1910 Letter from Chicaskia Stock Farm to Mr. M.O. Biggs
Photos from Around the County - Both new and old 1911 Letter from E. C. Long Mfg. Co. to Dr. M. O. Biggs
County Churches Articles from the Bowling Green Times
Louisiana Murals Article Reporting Jordans Killed by Indians
Old Post Cards of Pike County News Clippings from the Past
World War II News Clippings including pictures of soldiers

How Christmas Came to the Poor House.... Pictures Shared by our Friends 
Fair weather stories Who Are These People and Where Are They?

What?  Where?  Who?
Pike County US GenWeb Site Pictures were found in the attic of the Biggs' House

Pictures donated by Bertha Marshall
Research by Bowen A. Rogers regarding Louisiana cemeteries New Hartford School Pictures

Riches Mined from the RootsWeb Review Civil War Soldiers from Pike County
How to Communicate Effectively in Genealogy 
Photography - History and Preservation Little Africa

Cemetery Restoration  






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