Unknown Pictures
From the Biggs' House

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The following pictures were found in the attic of the Biggs House in the process of cleaning out the estate of Ethel Short. The house is located on Court Street behind the rest home. The box containing these pictures literally fell out of the ceiling. The family kindly provided them to share here. If someone can identify the subjects of any of these pictures or provide additional information about them, you can contact Rhonda Stolte Darnell.

You will see that a few of these pictures have additional information with them. If something was written on the back, we have included it here. What you see is what we know!


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5th & Maine Sts.
Quincy, Ill.
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Very truly Yrs _ _ _ _
J. Sinkler Irvine
Evington Depot
Campbell Co, Va
University of Louisville
Session 1890-91
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Found with the pictures




2000 Rhonda Stolte Darnell