Census & Soundex
 Found After Names


Census and Soundex Abbreviations
A Aunt
AdD Adopted Daughter
AdS Adopted Son
At Attendant
B Brother
BL Brother-in-law
Bo Boarder
C Cousin
D Daughter
DL Daughter-in-law
F Father
FB Foster brother
FF Foster father
FL Father-in-law
FM Foster mother
Fsi Foster sister
GA Great aunt
GD Granddaughter
GF Grandfather
GGF Great grandfather
GGM Great Grandmother
GGGF Great Great Grandfather
GGGM Great Great Grandmother
GM Grandmother
Gni Grandniece
GS Grandson
GU Great uncle
Hh Hired hand
I Inmate
L Lodger
M Mother
ML Mother-in-law
N Nephew
Ni Niece
Nu Nurse
O Officer
P Patient
Pr Prisoner
Pri Principal
Pu Pupil
R Roomer
S Son
SB Stepbrother
SBL Stepbrother-in-law
Se Servant
SF Stepfather
SFL Stepfather-in-law
Si Sister
SiL Sister-in-law
SL Son-in-law
SM Stepmother
SML Stepmother-in-law
SS Stepson
Ssi Stepsister
SSiL Stepsister-in-law
SSL Stepson-in-law
Su Superintendent
U Uncle
W Wife
Wa Warden
Miscellaneous Abbreviations
als alias
anie adopted niece
av he lived [so many] years (annos vixit)
ba bachelor
bach bachelor
bi-m every two months
ca. circa (approximately)
chan (1) chancel (2) chancery
chyd churchyard
cmkr cheesemaker
dom date of marriage
dom domicile
dom domestic
dome domestic
drgns dragoons
dto ditto
dunm died unmarried
dy died young
ead in the same way (cadem)
farr farrier
FaLD father-in-law's daughter
FaLS father-in-law's son
FaLW father-in-law's wife
FaMo farmer's mother
femm sole unmarried woman or a married woman with property independent of her husband.
freedman male released from slavery, emancipated person
freeman male of legal age with the right to vote, own land and practice a trade
grs/o grandson of
gr/s/o grandson of
Hsil half sister-in-law
jn (1) journeyman (2) journeymen
Jn John
Ka killed in action
KIA killed in action
kn known
led unmarried (ledig)
minr (1) milliner (2) minor
nce niece
nfr no further reference or record found
ni no issue
overs overseer(s)
p/o parents of
q c quit claim
rcp Roman Catholic priest
rel/o relict of
s and h son and heir
tb tuberculosis
tpm title page mutilated
ut sup as above (ut supra)
verl. engaged (veriobt)
vid. widower, widow (viduus, vidua)
whsemn warehouseman
wmst workmistress
XL sister-in-law
YM Yearly Meeting (Quakers)
Often found after a name in old wills and other documents
a.a.s. died in the year of his/her age (anno aetitis suae) ( 86 y/o died in year 86)
d.s.p. died without issue (decessit sine prole legitima)
d.s.p.l. died without legitimate issue (decessit sine prole mascula supersita)
d.s.p.m.s. died without surviving male issue (decessit sine prole mascula supersita)
d.s.p.s died without surviving issue (decessit sine prole supersita)
d.unm died unmarried
d.v.m. died in the lifetime of his mother (decessit vita matris)
d.v.p. died in the lifetime of his father (decessit vita patris)
Et al and others (et alia)
Inst present month (instans)
Liber book or volume
Nepos grandson
Nunc Nuncapative will, an oral will, written by a witness
Ob he/she died (obit)
Rel. or Relict widow or widower (relicta/relictus)
Res. or Residue widow or widower
Sic so or thus, exact copy as written
Testes witnesses
Ult late (ultimo)
Ux or vs wife (uxor)
Viz namely (videlicet)





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