Pike County, Missouri
World War II

* Please Note: Most of these clippings appear to be from The Louisiana Press Journal
though clues from the bits and pieces visible on the backs indicate a very few may
have been published in the Elsberry Democrat. Most appear to have been published between 1942-1943,
(Click on the image to see a larger version.)

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Bob W. Benn

Charles T. Bentley

Charles H. Bermire

Donald Black

Ray Black

Robert E. Boyd

Paul T. Brimer Jr.

Nathaniel Bryant

Scott M. Crapnell

Tom R. Daniel

Ralph E. Duncan

Selby Elgin

Ralph Ferguson
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Leland Fields, Jr.

Robert L. Humphrey

William Jackson

William Johnston

Victor J. Keefe

Robert B. Myers

Fred Naxera, III

Charles H. Obermire

G.P. "Pat" O'Connor





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