Mystery Marriage License

This marriage license hangs in the Pike County Genealogy Library.

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We received this note:

This is in regards to the Mystery Marriage certificate you have on your website. After searching for a few minutes on the 1880 census' (page 536 A) Calumet, Pike, Mo) I came up with John E and Alvia P Wright as the parents of Cora E Wright. Louis' parents were John E and Ella Sanderson found on page 582 c of the 1880 census of Bowling Green, Pike Co, Missouri. Both Louis and Cora E were born in 1871.

I had hoped that I was related as I am related to a bunch of "Wrights" from Pike Co. but I'm not. Thanks for the fun of looking this up.

Ed Cline 

Many thanks to Ed for this timely information! We now have ancestors of Louis and Cora, how about descendants? Does anyone have any information on children? We look forward to hearing from you!

received 22 May 2012:

I don't know if my family genealogy is relevant regarding the Mystery Marriage License but here goes!

From Bowling Green, Pike County, Missouri 
My fraternal great grandfather: Waller Sanderson 
Waller's daughter my fraternal grandmother: Mary Sanderson Fields (moved to Frankford, Mo. after marrying my grandfather Leland S. Fields Sr.) 
Waller's sons my fraternal great uncles: Ray Sanderson 
                                                           Gene Sanderson 
                                                           John Sanderson 
                                                           Paul Sanderson 

Thanks, Cassandra M. Fields-Coon





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