The New Home of PCGS
#5 East Church St., Bowling Green, MO


Pike County has had 5 different buildings that represent the Pike County Jail. 

The first jail was used before 1824 on city lot 24 in Louisiana Mo. 

The second jail was a log cabin attached to the courthouse on the square in Bowling Green in 1824. It burned down. 

The third jail was built around 1862 on the south side of the square where the Cancer Memorial Park is now. This was built with stone and brick and two stories high. The second story was used during the civil war for defense. 

The fourth jail was finished in November of 1884 and was one block east of the square. This jail was modernized with electricity and plumbing. This building has remained almost unchanged, except for a 26x32 addition, also the huge windows in the cells which were closed off with concrete in the 1940's because of a few escapes that were made. This building is now empty because of the new jail built west of town in the 1990's.

The fourth jail has now found a new purpose in life. It will become the Pike County Museum and Pike County Genealogical Society's Genealogical Center. For the past 8 years PCGS has been searching for a home of our own; one that will give us room to grow. 

As we begin this new venture, we need your help. If you have historical stuff, we would appreciate you thinking of us first before getting rid of it. Anything you could help us with will be greatly appreciated.

There is a lot of hard work ahead, but in the long run it will be worth it for us, for you, and for the county. We do this to keep our society vibrant and alive. We are excited by the change that is coming and we know that those who created this society would be equally so. We continue to drive forth for Mollie, Donna, Archie, Jack, Betty, Mike and others who, like them, had a love for genealogy and helping others find their roots here in Pike County. Join us as we step forward to keep this society a center of great things ahead. 


Donations have been received from and TREMENDOUS THANKS are given to:


We cannot give enough thanks to those who have made the renovations possible.



2000-2016, Rhonda Stolte Darnell