The fifth Annual Fair of Pike County was advertised to commence September 20, 1859. The company had gone to a great deal of expense in fitting up the grounds. One-half of the ring had been seated. The premium list was about $2,2OO. A fine brass band was expected from St. Louis to discourse music to the 4,000 persons for whom seats had been prepared. Besides, there was room for 3,000 more on the platform above the seats. An addition had been made to the hall making it twenty by fifty feet two stories high, the lower one of which was to be used for the display of fine good, and the upper one for officers and committees, while the room overlooking the whole ring was set apart for that honorable body known as the Press. The Hon. Peter Carr was to deliver an address during the fair.

Nor were the people who attended deceived. For when the time came for the fair everything was in order, and the fair was pronounced equal to anything outside of St. Louis. Some of the more sanguine even thought of competing with the metropolis of the state. This was of course before the "Veiled Prophets" had made their debut. The receipts amounted to over $2,500, enough to pay for all the improvements arid current expenses with a surplus of $400.

The effect of this was to stimulate a large number to attend the fair at SL Louis, which was held soon after. It was estimated that Pike had more representatives there, five to one, than any other county in the state, and to the honor of the county, too, it should be recorded that the representatives bore off many honors, as the following list of premiums goes to show:

For mares, three years old and under, T. G. Stark; for stallions of all work, three years and under four, Merriweather and Winn—both first premiums. There were twelve entries.

For horses of all work, one year arid under two, the second premium was taken by "John Benett," owned by Matthew Givens.

The first premium for jacks, one year and under two, was taken by "Roscoe," owned by H. H. Wisdom.

The first premium for jennets, three years and under four, was awarded to" Beauty of the West" belonging to T. T. Starke.

For thorough bred bull, two years old and under three, Patterson Bell received the first premium.

William Mosley, of Bowing Green, won the second premium for the best fallow plow, arid was awarded a silver medal. He also won the first premium for the best subsoil plow, for which he was awarded another grand silver medal.

H. V. P. Block also received a premium for a "roadster filley "; James Mosley, for matched carriage mules; Josephus Irvine, for a "mare mule", and H. Anderson for a "horse mule’.




Perhaps the most successful fair ever held in Pike county commenced on the 18th of September, 1860. It was the sixth annual exhibition of the Pike County Agricultural and Mechanical Society, and lasted four days. As the weather was very fine, It was largely attended and great interest.

Taken in the exercises throughout. The first day was devoted mainly to the ladies’ department; the second day to the exhibition of blooded cattle The exhibition of the third day was confined mostly to "horse mules, mare mules, mule colts, and fine blooded jacks," constituting perhaps the finest array of such stock ever beheld in any ring anywhere.

It was not, however, until the last day of the fair that the ever increasing tide of enthusiasm reached its climax. The capacious amphitheater was absolutely packed to witness the exciting races and listen to the soul-stirring music.

The main attraction of the day occurred when a race took place between three spirited and blooded stallions.

Messrs. Winn and Merriweather took the $100 premium for a fine blooded stallion, while James Mosley carried off the $60 premium for the finest mare.

The exhibition closed with equestrian contests, in which the boys and the girls took lively part and acquitted themselves well.

The list of premiums is so great that we will not attempt a summary of them. The following gentlemen were elected officers for the following year:

President—J. I Irvine
Vice-president—W. K Briggs

Directors—H. V. P. Block, Aaron McPike, Isaac Crow, James Mosley, Dr. Reynolds, R. K. Biggs.