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 Summer 2016

Library News

We are open Thursdays from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. Appointments & tours made in advance phone: 573-324-5810.


Our meetings are held at 1:30 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each month at Genealogy Library #5 East Church St., Bowling Green, MO. 63334


Donations to the Library and Museum:

Buffum tools donated by: Marie Haught; Masters Family History donated by Martha Hill. 1890-1894 Frankford Chronicle Newspapers donated by Darlene Burch; A large collection of 3 ring binders given to us by Harriet Worrell, and Barry Zybornik; 

Obituaries by Betty Allen; We had a tour of the museum with the B.G. Middle School 23 students and their teacher, and they donated $10.00 and a Bobcat mascot head for the museum. They sent us thank yous and some are displayed in this Echo.

The Library's cemetery project is almost at an end, filming each one we found for the Alice Niles cemetery book collection. There is more updates to Greenwood of Clarksville. Kilby cemetery, Buffalo-Jordan, city of Bowling Green are in the proof reading stage.


Names in the News


Sledd Siftings--1912

George R. Smith

Mrs. J.H. Duvall

Mr. J.C. Millner

Miss Obinettia Brown

Miss Eliabeth Brown

Mrs. Vardie Whiteside

Mrs. Arthur Forgey

Mr. Henry Hawkins

Col. Martin

Miss Lydia Hawkins

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Brown

Miss Inez Norton

Mr. Charley Brown

Miss Lydia Hawkins

Mrs. George Smith

Mrs. Tully Gilliand

John Eastin

Mr. William Davis

Mr. Homer Patton

Miss Carter

Miss Anna Fox

Miss Lydia Hawkins

Emil Akers

Walter Akers

Willie Berry

Miss Birdie Berry


Paynesville Points--1924

Mrs. Eck. Cooper

Mrs. C.C. Jackson

Mrs. Sallie Jeans

W.W. Carver

Mrs. Henry Moffit

Miss Lena Smith

Mrs. J.T. Canada

Clarence Jeans

Wm. F. Duvall

Jas. S. Smith

F.P. Meloan

Jas. N. Jeans

Clarence Jeans

Mr. and Mrs. Nim Britt

Mrs. John D. Ferguson

Mrs. Ed Patton

Mrs. Carey Meloan and Stewart

Andy Cooper

Eck Cooper

Dr. V. Keeling

Charley Duvall

Mrs. Charley Duvall

Robert L. Bowles and Paul



Lum Steele

Diego Wyatt

Charles Patton

Charlie Lewis

Harry Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Lewis

Broadie Stanley

Alpha Magruder

Mrs. Edna Carter

Mrs. H.H. Patton

Mrs. W.L. Davis

Ben Lewis

Will Richards

Willard Moxley

Miss Mary Bowles

T.J. Grimes

J.O. Millner

J.E. Hall

Jerry Ray

Bud Bowles

Marion Fox

Norvell Hall

Mrs. Henry Richardson

G.F. Troiver



Mrs. Russell Simpson

Mrs. Henry Richardson

H.H. Hopke

Bob Hopke

Mrs. Henry Bufford

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Morrow

Mrs. Ben Adkin

Jim Jeans

Mrs. John Hall

Vernon Edwards Bryant

Mrs. J.E. Mays and Edward

Mrs. John Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Alert Stone and Ray

Mrs. Daisy Stone

Mrs. Vanmetor

Joe Taylor

J.E. Mays

Mr. nd Mrs. Henry Richardson

B. Marvin Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Orie McLeod

Mr. and Mrs. Lum Steele

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. Thompson

Carey Hawkins 

Tom Hawkins



Miss Vera D. Jenkins

Mrs. Albert Stone

Miss Guy Thurmond

Mrs. Erma Holiday

Mrs. Annie Davidson

Miss Bessie Morrow

Miss Henryetta Richardson

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Melone

Miss Ada Treadway

Mrs. John Treadway

Mrs. Joe Mulherin

Mrs. Albert Stone

Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Henderson

James Major

Mr. and Mrs. John Hall

Mrs. J.E. Mays

Kirtly Mays

Jeff Ferguson


Annada Items

Mrs. Sarah Ballard

Mrs. Charlie Suddarth

Miss Velma Hensley

Mrs. George Glock

Mrs. Sallie Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Leeland Dameron

Mrs. Sarah Ballard




Sledd, located in the southwestern part of Calumet township, once had a store and a post office, both of which have been discontinued. The town was named for Alexander Sledd, the postmaster, who also ran the store with his brother, William. Another Sledd "landmark" was ...



Turpin, another town obsolete in the 1980's was located three miles north of Paynesville at the junction of W and WW. It was named for J. PhilipTurpin who came to Pike County in ...



Why You Say It


As late as the era of Andrew Jackson, crawfish abounded in rivers and creeks. Some settlers ate them when food was scarce and many more used them as bait.

Every child who watched his or her first crawfish in action noticed that ...




Forney Surls

Mrs. Lee Maiden

T.J. Beshears

Oscar Leonarda







A F. Butler
June 11, 1843
June 11, 1912

Abraham McKelvey
June 26, 1844
October 28,  1865

George W. Trower
November 5, 1837
August 28, 1862
(Killed in Battle of Ashley)

William J.Cunningham
September 21, 1838
May 11, 1920

Cornelius S. McWhirt
Sergt., Co. l, 103 Ill. Inf.

Henry A. Trower

Thomas J. Grace
February 6, 1827
May 16, 1893
Co. D 49 M.V.I.

Andreas Olnhausen
November 24, 1832
March 29, 1903
(Born in Germany)

James D. Trower
September 3, 1832
May 25, 1907

E. C. Kimball Post
No. 453 G.A.R.
Dept. of Mo.



Levi James
March 7, 1842
May 26, 1924

Samuel Pollard
March 6, 1818
February 18, 1870

A. J. Van Arsdel
August 9, 1844
May 23, 1912

Thomas P. Kelch
August 7, 1844
August 13, 1909

William H. Pritchett
December 5, 1840
May 21, 1892

William M. Van Arsdel
May 26, 1842
January 15, 1912

George W. Lafferty
December 6, 1841
March 23, 1917

W. L. Sullivan
August 15, 1828
September 27, 1885

George Wagner

Jonathan Mabry
August 23, 1835
June 19, 1909

Andrew J. Trower
October 10, 1828
October 30, 1896

Elias Worrell

John W. Mahaffey
May 21, 1827
September 8, 1907

C.M. McDonald
March 10, 1838
July 9, ????

Levi Long
May 9, 1799
May 29, ????


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The steamboat days. The days when all the trade and travel as well as the mails of this then happy prosperous county, were carried on steamboats. The days before the telegraph and that later nuisance the telephone, made it impossible for one to get out of reach of trouble. Those were days when to be captain of one of the packets was to be bigger man than the Pres. Of the U.S. The strenuous days when it required men of nerve as well as judgment to command and safely navigate the river with one of these big steamers.

There were no warning signal lights furnished them as now by the U.S. but upon the skill and the judgment of the Captain and pilots, depended the safe conduct of the multitudes of travelers and cargo of Freight into port. Many interesting characters were engaged in the navigation of the Mississippi River, whose names, many of them should stand conspicuously upon the pages of any history of this country. l can mention now but few of them Capt. Randolph, Capt. George Bernard, Capt. Neal Cameron, Capt. Whitlney, Capt. Thomas Fithian, his brother in law, Capt. Ward, Capt. Riley, Capt. Bersie, and later Capt. Harry Johnson, Capt. Matson, Capt. Ford, Capt. Frank Burnett and many others. These men were all prominent in their positions. Mention might be made of a long list of pilots, also men to whom was entrusted the running of boats by night as well as by day men who were known and relied upon to navigate their boat thru stonn and flood, who would stand at their posts under all circumstances. Some of them were Bill Howard, Dave Asbury, John Burke, the Blakeleys, the Haights, old Bill Holliday, who was a



 Spring 2016

Library News


Donations to the Library and Museum:

A bank fan advertising; Pike County Illinois new history book; John Stockley's new pictoriai book; and Wright, Kilby family histories.


The Library has been closed for the winter because of furnace issues. The Pike County Commissioners are working on this issue. We targeting to be open by April 1, 2016. We have a tour of the museum scheduled for April 7, 2016 with the Bowling Green Middle School.


The Library is working on their cemetery project. New books are: Ashburn City Cemetery, Oak Grove Cemetery of Lincoln Co., Ashburn Family Cemetery, Alice has updated Fairview cemetery in Louisiana MO. And there is more updates to Greenwood of Clarksville. Kilby cemetery, Buffalo-Jordan, city of Bowling Green are in the proof reading stage.


Cemeteries filmed this winter so far are: Church of God, Grimmett Family Cemetery, Ingran/Anson Cemetery all in New Hartford Township. Per warmer days targeting Cemeteries are Srote Family Cemetery, Hudson Family Cemetery, Motley-Strader Cemetery. In Peno Township Unsell Family cemetery, Jones/Clark, and one more.






1842: Texas Liberty: At the beginning of the year there was much excitement on account of the effort that Texas was making to gain her liberty. It was reported by 9,000 Mexicans were marching on the lower country by the Matamoras Road, and 12, 000 on the road to San Antonio. The Galveston Advertiser of March 22, appealed to the patriotism and philanthropy of all lovers of civil and religious liberty for aid.

At Bowling Green a meeting was called for April 16 for the purpose of complying with the spirit of this appeal. Several young men of this village were reported as ready to volunteer to this service, ready to go at once.

1847: Louisiana, Mo.: The summer and autumn witnessed many improvements. During the season 13 new dwelling, exclusive of shops and warehouses were erected. For some time previous the growth of the city was due to the brisk business it had built up as the best shipping point for the west and south counties. The grain, livestock, wool, furs were shipped to St. Louis. In 1847 the amount of business exceeded by about 50 percent that of any previous year. There are about eleven dry good stores, busily engaged vending their merchandise. Perhaps no town north of St. Louis on the river was selling goods cheaper or doing a more thriving business.

Missouri has over 300 wild plants that are potentially poisonous and some of them ...




Jan. 28, 1891

Wreck of a Train Bearing Troops Homeward from the Scene of the Indian Trouble

Two killed and a Dozen Injured

The Famous Seventh Calvary Again the Victims.

Topeka, Kan Jan. 28 - A disastrous collision between the northbound regular passenger train and a southbound Special occurred on the Blue Valley railroad at half-pass Four o'clock, Monday afternoon at Florence., a small station five miles south of Irving.

The special was carrying about four hundred soldiers, part of the Seventh Cavalry and Battery, a light Artillery bound for Fort Riley on their way home, from Pine Ridge Agency. The dead so far as can be ascertained are ...




May 2, 1900 At 11:30pm a mob broke into the county jail and hanged Henry Darley, a negro, to the iron railing of the courthouse porch Darley was arrested yesterday by Sheriff King for assaulting Miss Vernie Armstrong, a ...



Stabbed Over A Crap Game

Member of a Notorious Family Is Now In Trouble

Centralia Mo. November 5 1898 - In an altercation here yesterday over a crap game Cal Brown stabbed Dennis Lamb three times. Lamb is dangerously hurt. Cal Brown is the son of Hade Brown, who was hanged for the killing of ...

LPJ 11-10-1898



Three local Winners In Golden Gloves

Colored boys fight way to Victory.

Louisiana contestants won three of five contests in the golden glove tournament held at Hannibal Monday.

Roy Vaughn 112 lbs, William Vaughn 112 1bs, colored brothers, both won decisions Roy fought in the novice division and William in the sub novice division.

Peter Smart 155, who lives in Elsberry, and attends Lincoln High school here, also won a decision in the sub novice division.

Charls Haustead, 1601bs, was awarded a split decision. He is in the novice division. The referee gave the decision to Haustead and the judge favored his opponent.

Curtis Jones, 1401bs of Louisiana ...



Names in the News


Paynesville Points

T. Dillard Ferguson

Charley Duvall

Jas. Turner

Met Beauchamp

Bob Hopke

Mr. and Mrs. E.M. Garner

Jim Cooper

Randolph Moss

Dr. Lee


Paynesville Points -- 1912

Dr. Charlie Bankhead

Mr. Wenkle

Met Beauchamp

T. Dillard Ferguson

Walter Jeans

Frank Jeans

J. Beauchamp

Mr. and Mrs. William Jeans

Mrs. Sallie Jeans

Mrs. C.C. Jackson

Miss Mary Jeans

Miss Louise Forgey

Mrs. Henry Patton

Mr. Luther Long

Marion Duvall

John D. Fergason

Carey Meloan

Mrs. Jas. D. Stone

Mrs. Henry Moffit

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Eastin

Mrs. W.H. Clifford

Mrs. Carey Meloan, Maggie and Stewart

Mrs. J. Rigdon Cooper


Paynesville Points -- 1912

Henry Hawkins

Vardie Whiteside

Henry Long

Maggie Meloan

Louisa Forgey

Marion Duvall

Geo. R. Smith

Claude Riekard

Chas. Duvall

W.T. Shipp

Henry Painter

Harry Lewis

Mrs. Polly Davis

Wm. P. Ferguson

T.J. Ferguson

Enoch Green

Rev. Rutledge

Homer Cooper

Arnold Cooper

Carey Meloan

E.M. Garner

Carey Meloan

Arthur Bell 

Mrs. T.J. Ferguson

E.M. Garnet

Sledd Siftings

Miss Berdie Berry

Miss Annie Fox

Mrs. Gilliland

Miss Obinetta Brown

Miss Hawkins

Mrs. Geo. R. Smith

Aunt Nan Dameron

Mrs. Tully Gilliland

Mrs. John Eastin

Mrs. Nannie Omohundro

Dan Barnes

Robt. Crank

Walter Patton

Mrs. Vardie Whiteside

Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Patton 


Annada News

Mrs. John Campbell

Mr. & Mrs.Roe Nichols and Carol June

Mr. & Mrs. Ray Burch

Mr. & Mrs. Ray Brown

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Campbell

Miss Rose Crank

Mr. & Mrs. J. T. Crank

Weldon Finley

Mr. & Mrs. Dick Steele

W.B. Finley

Mrs. C.W. Brown.

Mrs. Mary Ann Cooper

Mr. & Mrs. Herman Zumwalt, Robert Lee and Harry William




The Radical (1841-1845)


January 1,1842

John Clay, by Mathew R. Arnold his Attorney in fact. Isaac Clay, and Catharine Douglass, being a part of the heirs and distributees of the ESTATE of Abraham Clay deceased, do hearby give notice to George Jamison and his wife Mary, Abram Clay, William C. Rainey and Susan his wife, Thompson Butler and Ann his wife, Green Remington and Elizabeth his wife, Green Clay, and Benjamin B. Bryan jr., Joseph T. Bryan, Abram C. Bryan, Enoch Bryan, Mary C. Bryan, and John Bryan, the last six infants ...


Dec.4th 1841




The HON. Hemen Allen, formerly a member of Congress from Vermont, and Minister Chili, died at his resdence in Burlington on the 11th inst., aged 58 years. Mr. Allen was the son, we believe, (says the Journal of Commerce,) of ...



January 4,1845


Nov. 14,1843

Notice is hereby given, that the undersigned has obtained of the Clerk of the County Court of Montgomery County, letters of Administration the estate of Minerva Brown deceased, date ...

PHILANDER DRAPER, Adm'r Nov. 25, 1843




Nov. 11th, 1843

Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has taken out letters of Administration on the ESTATE of PETER HUTSELL, deceased, late of Pike County, Missouri, bearing date the ...



HENRY LYTER, Adm'r Nov. 11th 1843 


The undersigned administrator of the estate of Wilson Cooks, deceased, late of ...

JAS. JONES, Adm'r January 6th, 1844




Notice is hereby given to all persons concerned o interested in anyway interested in the estate of MATHEW MCDOWELL, dec'd that ...

JESSE HUGHEL, Adm'r January 6th, 1844




The Administrator's of the estate of SAMUEL FINDLY, deceased, will proceed to sell to the highest bidder, at the late resident of said dec.d. Two miles east of Louisville, near the road leading to Troy, in the county of Lincoln, on the 20th day of January 1843, the personal property of said dec'd, consisting of ...

W.M. BAIRED, Adm'r January, 7th,1843

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Though Ashley is rather an old town and is doubtless known to almost everybody throughout the interested in a detailed statement of the population, business, of our village. Before the war a census of the town was taken and it then numbered about 400 inhabitants; without any exact numbering lately it is thought that the population at present is at least 500. This village, as you doubtless know, is beautifully situated in one of the best sections, if not the best portions of country in Pike County, 7 miles from Bowling Green, 18 miles from Louisiana and 20 miles from Clarksville. One of the most striking and pleasant features of the town itself and the surrounding country, is the fact that it is interspersed with the most beautiful and luxuriant elm trees. These together with other fine forest trees to be found everywhere except right in the most business portion of the village, give it an air of freshness and attraction rarely to be found in other towns. There are here four general country stores, two drug stores, two blacksmiths, 2 wagon and carriage, 4 carpenters, 3 saddlery and harness, 1 tailor, and 3 boot and shoe shops. There is also one large ...

LPJ 1869


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